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J-lo's new owner lives 3 miles from me!


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9 Sep 2002
Very cruel that Merlin managed to sell my car to someone who lives only 3miles from me! Saw j-lo flash past silently, sports exhaust off the other day. Not happy at the prospect of seeing her regularly with another man! May have to tell him the actual reason I sold her was that I dropped my mountain bike on her nose and couldn't live with the fact that she had cosmetic surgery so early into our relationship!

Anyway got mini cooper s arriving in a fortnight to get me through till J-lo mk2 arrives in march.

Hope everyone is good, just seen how many members now belong- fantastic!

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Yes, but a very small percentage of them actually post...

What about the audi cab?

I hope you spec'd J-LO 2 very differently!

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Deidre Says:

Sarbs, although it must be difficult for you, you have to see her side too. Jo-Lo is obviously suprised and hurt at the way in which you ended the relationship. Still using the old haunts that you used to share, being visible to you, is her way of letting you know thats she's moving on. Reading between the lines, you were obviously not interested in a long term relationship and she was not aware of this. You hinted at some violence in your relationship which is always dangerous. My advice Sarbs, is dont go looking for Jo-Lo 2 - ?. If you're having trouble coming to terms with this, imagine Jo-Lo's everywhere, all in the arms of another. If short term is what you are looking for, then there's Kelly, Kylie, Christina, Britney, Beyonce to name but a few. You need to be a bit less Hugh Grant, and a bit more Colin Farrell.

For relationship info or our new leaflet on Premature Depreciation, email Deidre at [email protected]

ps, Nice to see you back sir!

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Hendo - LOL!

Welcome back Sarbs, its always a strange experience to see your previous driving by with someone else at the wheel! I've had the same on a couple of occassions before - my first car (fiesta sport which I was glad to see the back of!) and my second car (golf gti which I was sad to see the back of!).


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Hendo awesome!

Noony A4 cab (diesel) is fantastic, very pleased but it's not the car to whiz across single track twisting roads, the cooper s with 18" hartge wheels is just the tonic, will post pics when it arrives. How did your exams?

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Yeah I suppose so. Thanks for asking, I did ok, I'm not too good at exams... Our school came 9th in the country for GCSE's and 17th for A levels though.

C4S's in polar silver look very nice btw :wink:

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Hello Sarbs. I know how you feel. Loosing such a close friend must be very hard to come to terms with. I am still trying. Atleast my baby went to Pinner miles away from where I live.
Keep your chin up.

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SARBS is back!

How's Stoke? My mate (a Brentford supporter) reckons you should go back to Brentford.

What you gonna call the Mini, how about Kylie (small and perfectly formed with a touch cuteness, yet extremely sexy..................

somebody stop me.........

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I live in Pinner, tell me where they live and I'll steal it back for you :wink:

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I know how you feel. Though mine was a TVR Chimaera, seeing (and hearing) the buyer zoom away in my sports exhaust-equipped baby six months ago was not easy. Luckily he lives in Wales, so the odds of seeing her again are slim -- though he does keep in touch occasionally to let me know how she's getting on.

Not sure if this is a good thing...

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What admitting you had a TVR!!!

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I also live in Pinner, give me a shout if you need a hand !

Have you met David with the Polar Silver C4 with RSR's ?

Is Pinner ready to contest Guilford for the most Porsches in the UK ? :wink:

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No, I think Reading wins that :wink:
Every new porsche is in Reading at some point, to be prepared for the owners! Went down there to the Porsche UK HQ yesterday. Had a nice cobalt blue TT, a green GT3, grey C4S and countless carreras and cayennes. 2 huge transporters full of carrera coupes and cabs arrived whilst I was there-every single car on them was either silver or black. Can you say ''vanilla''....(or just boring)

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Olivia on 29 August 2003

What admitting you had a TVR!!!
Yes -- but it's no secret (you could hear it for miles :D )

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Yeah i have met David, he answered a plea from me on the rennlist to hear a pair of RSR's, they are now on order.

Are you going to Eynsham Hall tomorrow?

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