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Is this too much for a C4s?

Phil M

New member
18 Jan 2004
I'm about to buy a 996 C4s for 65K, it's 11 months old, 8K mile, one owner, PCM, park assist, rear wiper plus all the standard stuff. I'm just not sure whether £65K is a fair price from an official dealer.

Using their balanced payments finance, it'll cost me £950 a month with a 10% deposit and Iafter 3 years I will owe £37K. Is this reasonable or way off the mark?

With the 997 being launched I don't want to be left with a car that isn't worth £37K after 3 years.

Any advice is greatly accepted.



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Cant see a 4s not being worth less than £37k in 3 years. I sold my 4s for £68k back in september with similar spec but with 6k on the clock. The extent prices of the 996 suffer will be down to the success of the 997, given that Porsche are actually taking notice of owners and enthusiasts with regard to the looks of the 997 bringing back a more flared body ala 993 and increasing the technical level and engine performance I feel the 997 will be huge. Cant you just wait and get the 997?

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I would imagine that a well kept C4S should still be worth more than £37k since its the current range 'jewel in the crown' for holding its value - as shown by the fact that you're looking at spending around list price for one already year old.

I expect that the 997 will have an effect on 996 values, but I would think that the current favourites such as C4S and GT3 (both of which command high used values) should be better protected.

Don't know much about finance deals, but I would shop around first before taking the OPC one. OPCs always ask unfair prices - they rely on their warranty packages and main dealer reputations to sell cars.

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Sarbs - I suppose I could wait but the timing won't work, it's kind of a now or never deal with the wife!!


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Berks? :D
Whereabouts? I'm in Lower Earley. Will this be from the Reading dealer? Is it red? They look lovely in real life, but you might want to try and knock the price down a couple of grand

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Noony - I'm in Warfield, so not a million miles from you. It's not the red 4S that the Reading deal has...it's a silver one It litterally came in a few hours before I took it out for a test drive, and was hooked immediately.

As part of the deal, they are going to clear the finance on my existing Scooby which is worth a couple of grand.

I just need to find out whether I can get an aftermarket CD changer to connect to the optical cabling, apparently this can only be done at factory.


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The 4s is fantastic, but really try and hold out a couple of months till the 997 comes, gives you more time to save and will be much better knowing you have spec'd the car of your dreams! And all you need on the car is a sports exhaust sod the stereo! and the wife!

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ps if you look at last weeks autocar someone bought a gallardo on finance, put down 35k and had payments of £1080 a month for 3 years. Given the price difference his deal sounds better!

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Look at the small print, I purchased a 40K 911 car with 30K finance, after 6 months I decided that I wanted a change and bought a convertible (Non Porsche !!!)

With the finance deal I owed 2K more than I originally borrowed and had no return for my 6 monthly payments,

My neighbour remortgaged his house interest only pulled out 80K costs him just over £200 a month he has gone out and bought a ferrari 360 not bad for that sort of payment.

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Given the 997 is new, like all new cars there will be the usual things that go wrong, things they could have done better, and to be honest, no-one really knows if the final pics of the 997 we have seen is the finished version or not, plus who knows what the interior will be like, (ie quality wise etc). Far better to stick with what you know than what you don't. The only thing for certain is the 997 will start to lose value, like almost every car out there, the moment it leaves the showroom. Like the prestige of a 997 - cool, wait and be the first. Want the prestige of a decent car - by any Porsche now and have fun with it. It;s going to depreciate, and no-one has a clue how much effect the 997 will have on values (993 vs 996 was different given purists have certain vlaues attached to the former), but even that will dissapear as 993 reach ten years old plus, and a more and more 996 come on the used market.

Horses for courses my friends. Get what you can and go for it...

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A new 997 wont lose value immediately though andy, unless the demand isnt there, which we all know it will. You could keep swapping your new 997 every 6 months without losing on it, and benefit from a car further down the production line which has most of the teething bugs ironed out!

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Perhaps your right Mr Footballer, but my thoughts are with Porsche knowing they have the marketplace and a lot of demand, they will make more than they have previous models (ie chuck out 500 a week rather than 200, just picking numbers), thus they will more easily be able to meet demand. I agree it could happen for the first 6 months but after that they'll be enough. The fact that they have introduced the Cayenne and a few other decisions leadfs me to believe they would ramp up production to get the cash in, as well as use new, and faster, manufacturing techniques. That's my rationale - could be wrong, but who knows. We all could be!

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Well... it's too late now to be mulling this one over, fingers crossed I'll be collecting the car next Wednesday. Can't wait. I'm thinking about putting in an order for a 997 anyway and may swop the 996 in 18 months time.


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