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Is this good value?


17 Jun 2012
Hi Guys

Some guidance am totally in love with this porker and it ticks all the boxes , but am not sure if its good value , I spoke to a couple of dealers who reckon its worth 28k tops and that's retail and kept saying "ooo its yellow not a good 911 colour" etc etc this is a private sale with no warranty, yet some garages are asking 36k+ for a similar spec car ... totally confused? I mean I found a 08 c2s with 30k on the clock for 26k which seems great value...

Link to the car :?:


Also can do a p/x deal with the Exige which is tempting and fair figures
£32k for such a low mileage car does look like Good value to me. Good spec too. Might be a fraction overpriced for the age, but at that mileage with fresh tyres and a solid service history, it does seem like a pretty good buy (on the surface, of course).

Re: Colour - the dealers are right when they say it is not the most desirable- BUT, that is down to taste and choice. It's not personally for me, but as long as you like it that's the main thing. It'll stand out that's for sure, as Yellow is definitely rare.

Why did you not go for the 08 2S?
Nice mileage, nice spec, lovely history, looks in great condition. What's not to like?!?

If the colour does it for you then it looks priced about right to me for a private or indy dealer.

All I'd say is that chances are you'd likely find it would be priced about the same at an OPC after a bit of a haggle albeit with the added benefit of their warranty.

Now on most cars I'm not interested in warranty but for me the Porsche policy is one of the best out there and worth paying extra for. Ultimately the only reason I bought mine at an OPC was because of the 24 month warranty that it came with.............
Is it good value? = Absolutely Not.

£32k for an 05 car in a private sale is about £7k OTT, maybe a bit less because of the low mileage.

If dealers are telling you that they would retail it at £28k why would you consider paying £4k more than that when buying privately. :?:

However ...... If you really want a low mileage, yellow, 'S' there aren't may around.

In this case the colour shouldn't make too much of a difference to value as the demand will always be there. i.e, It's not a common colour so those that like it will never have much of a choice.
Mmmm its one of those situations is it good is bad I guess am paying for ultra low miles and the Aero kit premium :?:

A 05 with 50k miles is worth say 22-25k so is , yellow, aero kit , low miles worth another 7k am not sure :frustrated: :frustrated:

The 08 model is a private sale and I have not sold my exige yet so, this came about as we are in negotiation on a p/x deal which seems fair.

Am just not sure?.... this one has recently sold at a dealer for 26995 with 27k on the clock


My guts says its overpriced, and a serious premium for whats on offer :roll: , am not even that precious about the "mileage" if am honest if a 911 had between say 40-65k I would be happy .... I guess because its yellow with the aero kit my man maths has gone in over drive
Probably a tad over-priced imo. I would say £30k abs tops because it has quite a few desirable options. In fact everything listed after '19" Carrera S alloys' are factory fitted options. There are also a few fitted which have been left off the list including:

- centre console painted in exterior colour.

Colour is not important to anyone else if you like Speed yellow (looks great on a bright sunny day). It is very low-mileage, the interior and engine bay look very clean; certainly well looked after. I would go for a viewing.

~ Maxie
It's the low mileage and "rare" colour which inflates the price. The asking price is always open to negotiation too, so if you were serious about the car, I would imagine the owner would let it go for a quick deal, considering he is moving home.

If you're not sure, then keep looking. There are hundreds of great spec cars out there if you can be patient, the right one will find it's way to you.
Bit confused? Been looking at 997-1 for a while this is way overprice by 8-10 grand and entering gen 2 money.
Loads of choice and 20-25 buys a good generation 1 car?
Its seems our negotiations have come to a end :sad: I have effectively offered him 29k for it and its been declined so the search continues :pc:

I think I would rather get the 08 car and fit a the bumper and spoiler myself and would still only cost 27k all in :D.... just need to sell mine first :)

(Edit , that 08 plate is not hpi clear I have discovered)
Well looks like a deal could be back on, I have also done some research and I think the price I will end up paying for it in real terms will be about correct.

A gen 1 c2s

With 70k seem to be 19.5-23k depending on Spec
With Sub 50k seem to be 23-26k
With Sub 30k seem to be 28k

Fact it has an aero kit , high spec and good miles it seem to be about right , not the bargain of the century but not bad, same car at a dealer seems to be 33-37k.

So watch this space , he's reviewing more info on the Exige so it might happen :?:
if the aero kit is definitely a genuine porsche id say its worth 30k ,
Over priced in my opinion.
Since when did optional extras add value on a second hand car ? They don't, and you wont reclaim that when you sell it yourself.

As for the mans attitude, I would never buy a car from someone who wouldn't let me test drive it, and it needs to be test driven properly, from cold to warm, or hot.

Avg Mileage of 2125 per year, or 1875 if you take into account his road trip. Wonder how many miles the previous owner did in it, and how many the new owner has done ?

Looks lovely, and in lovely condition. Id be tempted, but I think the price is a problem for seller and for buyer.

I know what you are saying but
Think you might be confusing optional extras with aftermarket mods.

anything after market is worthless

but factory extras does have value (although the book price remains the same )

a box standard car wont sell for the same as the same car with all the bells and whistles, particularly the Aero kit which costs £6000 and very rare ,

Any trader and main dealer will confirm a factory Aero kit adds 3k over one without and the demand is massive ,
every time I saw an Aero kit car which was much more expensive , id phnoe up and it was sold ,
Aerokit maybe..

However, my 2 yr old Boxster had £22k of Optional extras on it, made no difference whatsoever at sale time. If I priced it accordingly I got no interest at all.

List price was about £30 something thousand. Maybe £35k? I cant remember now.

The on the road price was nearer £60k.

When I came to sell it and tried to explain that it shouldn't be worth the same as a £35k boxster no one wanted to listen.

I explained that the residual on a £35k Porsche in 3 years should not be the same as a £60k Porsche.

Deaf ears.

Even the OPC I bought it from wouldn't trade it in and cater for the additional extras any more than about £1k. I had that car six months and it cost a LOT Of money.
To any one trying to sell me a car for a higher price due to widgets and wings, I would tell them the above, and then walk away.
I agree with you pal ,

I myself have suffered the same on many occasion , i think its the dealers that benefit,

they tell you its all worth nothing when trading in but when they are the one selling suddenly
the extras are worth the world !!!

so as for this chap buying this car if it was from porsche id say its worth 30k but as its a private sale with no warranty it is over priced,

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