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Is this a power steering fluid leak and if so from where?


14 May 2016
Started up my 996.1 today and what sounded like the pump in the engine behind me started making strange noises and stronger as I turned the corners to leave the garage

From driving out there was a leak under the drivers front wheel arch and after a bit of investigation it looks like this might be a leak from the power steering system

The liquid is yellowish which doesn't sound like it is coolant as that is pink so is this power steering fluid - a brief search says this is normally red?

I checked to see if the flexible part of the steering fluid system was leaking at the usual suspect points where the flexible hose meets the hard hose, but they seem to be OK as per photo attached

From this video is shows it leaking higher up in the engine bay, tricking down the outside of the front boot and then dripping down onto the coffin arms and then to the floor

Anyone got any good ideas where it might be?

Ironically the car is meant to be in the garage on Monday to have it's brake lines replaced so this is a potential scupper on those plans!


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I have just sorted my leak at the pump pot, fluid is definitely green.
Re: Leak

berni29 said:
I have just sorted my leak at the pump pot, fluid is definitely green.

Thanks and sounds like that's the colour I have 👍

Now just to find out where it's leaking from...


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That is certainly PAS fluid .. the whine from the engine is the pump running out of fluid and sucking air ..

Do NOT drive the car to your garage .. it's now a diy at home or a recovery to your garage ..

If you drive it you will knacker the pas pump .. you don't want to do that as its more expensive than a recovery .

The actual leak .. i'm guessing a metal pipe on the rack has a pin prick hole .. the fluid whilst under pressure is shooting upwards .. hitting the fuel tank and dripping down .

The colour you see is due to the amount of bubbles .. foam .. it should be a dark green colour ..

To be fair though if old then there is a yellowish tint to this .
deMort said:
That is certainly PAS fluid .. the whine from the engine is the pump running out of fluid and sucking air ..

Thanks Iain

Awesome advice as always, many thanks, and yes I think I'm going to top-up the fluid to normal levels and then put the car on a truck over to my garage

With the brake lines they will be under the car so can check where the leak is at the same time and then replace as needed

Love these cars but boy are they hard work sometimes!

I'm afraid these cars are 20 ish years old by now and these items will probably be original ..

Dare i say not many cars are in such good knick at this age and whilst porsche do get some flack for items failing .. exhaust systems , don't really want to mention engines .. but overall they are lasting pretty well ..

Rare for me to see any " real " rust .. i can only say the same for volvos from my experience .. i've had many years of working on different brands ..

For me .. a lot of it is wear and tear items .. i always advise customers .. keep on top of the items listed by your Indy and you wont get a build up of items that suddenly costs you £6 K .

OPC .. a pinch of salt perhaps ..

Obviously that's just my opinion and i'm somewhat biased regarding these cars ..

But for anyone that doesn't know me ... i don't own a Porsche and never have ..

I have my favourites but they are out of my price range .

I'm also a fan of 2 wheel as opposed to 4 wheel vehicles but i do appreciate the work that has gone into these cars from design to how long they actually last ...

And i for one think they are impressive to say the least .
deMort said:
Dare i say not many cars are in such good knick at this age and whilst porsche do get some flack for iengines .. but overall they are lasting pretty well..

Thanks - so yes mine is exactly that - the top is doing great but the underside as any 20+ year old car needs some TLC so it's being picked up by a truck tomorrow and they are going to sort all of that out including the power steering leak 👍


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and it never rains, it pours as they say :eek:

Garage called on Friday to say that they had cracked the steering rack trying to remove it to replace the front brake lines so we now need a new / refurbished steering rack too...

Well I guess on the good news front we're refreshing all the steering components anyway and the Pelican Parts / Motorbooks Workshop manual says:

"There's a night-and-day difference between a new and used rack. The inset photo shows a Genuine Porsche rebuilt power steering rack-and-pinion assembly. If the rack wears out, then you will find that your steering will be sloppy. Also common are leaky racks that deposit power steering fluid on the floor of your garage."

So seeing as I've already replaced the wishbone and the control arms on both sides of the front about 6 months ago, have replacement inner and outer tie rods to fit and will now be having a refurbished rack, the steering should hopefully be nice and sharp when I get the car back

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