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Is this 3.2 a good buy?


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13 Nov 2012
Hi, I just wondered if anyone knows this car or if any experts could give their opinion on the car judging by the ad- thanks

1984 3.2 Carrera Coupe Sport, low miles, highly original (1984) £15,000


I would say that on a 30 year old car the biggest worry is the quality of the bodywork restoration.
Having done cars to concours winning condition I can tell you that all other things of a mechanical nature are secondary to the concerns of a solid,well repaired shell.The only way to check this would be on a ramp and by removing the carpets.
That particular car does not really do a lot for me colour wise,in my eyes it a looks a bit drab.Thats obviously a personal opinion as I like the impact bumper cars in red,white or silver. :thumb:
I paid 8.5k for a 3.0 SC Targa. Very nice car with 140k and full history. Will need a wing and sills one day but for now its marvellous. The one you mention seems a bit overpriced IMHO. A few on autotrader with similar miles and engine rebuilds for around 13.5k
I had a good look on Autotrader but couldn't see any manual coupe models for 13k+ ..........
Its a coupe generally worth more than a Targa ... , Seen them for a lot more and not often less money than that , it looks like a nice car check out the rebuild with the garage and definitely find out how extensive the body work was ie kidney bowls and b pillars are known areas of rot and expensive to sort ! .
Not a lot of miles on it and the major service is a bonus , good price i would say if it all checks out :thumb:
Just be sure that 'sympathetic' does not mean a 'light' restoration. There is the correct way to do sills etc, then there is the 'you were ripped off, my non porsche man down the road did it for £200' way...

A porsche wing will set you back £800+ and then needs paint and any bodywork on the lip underneath. And the sills/kidneys will be £1000-£1500 a side to do right. So a car needing wings/sills/kidney bowls can easily have a £6k bodyshop bill just to tidy it up, not to 'restore' it.

A car that's £6k cheaper than a similar looking car is meaningless if the other does not have the (common) issues I mention above. Without a poke around the car by someone that knows, it is just internet conjecture about photo's of a car nobody has touched.
Thanks for the opinions......

I think I need to look further before making any decisions...
carkid said:
I had a good look on Autotrader but couldn't see any manual coupe models for 13k+ ..........

Ok sorry about that. It seems coupes are worth a lot more than the Targa and Cab models. :eek:
I thought it was such a good buy that I bought it! :D

Collected it last weekend, pic is a quick stop on the way home. Basically it's a good solid car that needs some tidying. Previous owner had quite a lot of work done with the local PCGB recommended specialist including rust repairs and a top end overhaul.

My first step into Porsche ownership and not my usual sort of car but impressed so far.

Nice one chum :thumb: Welcome aboard
A personal view, the car looks excellent in that colour. It looks a really nice example - congratulations.

Enjoy the journey. :thumb:
Thanks guys. I was after one that wasn't too "look at me" so not red, white or black, L661 Slate Blue was spot-on.

I've already got a Dansk repro gearknob and an original three spoke steering wheel (which will probably need an AGLA retrim kit) to sort the non-standard parts in the second pic. The PO changed the stereo as the original was chewing up tapes but kept it with the car so I'll get that serviced and re-fit it.

It was serviced a few hundred miles back so I'll just enjoy it for now. :D
I've had mine a couple of months now and it is totally addictive. Enjoy !
915 gearbox is a bit tricky and am wondering whther to have it rebuilt as rest of car is just great. Any body with any experience of this - an recommended specialist to do it ?
I take the car out regularly and my son and I will be taking it down to Le Mans in June to celebrate the factory entry return.
Our 24th time of going. First time by Porsche.
Dashmore said:
915 gearbox is a bit tricky and am wondering whether to have it rebuilt as rest of car is just great. Any body with any experience of this - an recommended specialist to do it ?

Drive another or get a specialist to drive yours.

I thought mine was nasty and struggled with first from standstill and first to second throw, but all three guys at the specialist could drive it flawlessly, one even showed me 'finger and thumb' changes to demonstrate how smoothly it could be done. I'm not kidding, they made it look perfect and child easy.

You are right in it being tricky, the 'finger and thumb' way helped me learn it fairly well, but I have a REALLY crap sense of feel and with the 911 engine so far back and no the noise to match the low revs I was pretty hopeless sometimes, and with the stereo on I'd fail every time...

It's apparently a much lighter box than the G50, racers like it.

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