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Is there any benefit in adjustable suspension?


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6 Oct 2005
I don't know if anyone noticed, but apparently on TG last week, the Stig lapped faster in comfort mode, than normal or sport settings, on a GTi !

I'm wondering if the same applies for Porsche? I'd love to know if PDCC is quicker round a track than an identical version without it, and I believe the new GT3 doesn't have it fitted, or am I wrong??

What's your thoughts? Or is it just a marketing gimmick? :?:
Yes they dumped it (PDCC) for the new GT3 (and the Carrera "integrated wet sump" is history too)

Every roadtest I have read on the Carrera PDCC has been they hated it.

Mind you the Japanese dumped 4ws over 15 years ago!
Did I post this in the wrong forum? :dont know:
To keep you happy :wink:

Ha d a test drive of the V6 Exige a month a go now (lovely car, not worth 50k though), the salesman there was telling me that the test drivers where lapping hethal quicker in 'comfort' mode than they where with everything turned off.

Not sure if it has adjustable suspension though
Thanks for your replies, I've been searching around and can't find much evidence to support, quicker lap times on sport settings, though the car might 'handle' better..

I would have thought a softer setting would be better in low friction conditions.

Personally I use the sport setting to avoid scraping the splitter when pressing on in bumpy roads..

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