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Is my gear box 915 or G50


19 May 2003
I've just bought Carrera '87 from Italy. Thought is a good deal and drove it to UK in one day with no problems.

Question is how should I find out if my gear box is 915 or G50.

Many thanks

Carrera owner for 2 days only.

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Hi Gojkovic, and welcome to the site!

I have a list of VIN numbers at home. If you email me it or post it on this site I will look it up and tell you. There may be a difference with the gearbox pattern (e.g. where reverse is located) but I can't remember. :oops:


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The easiest way to check is to look at the torsion bar outer mounting just in front of the rear wheel. The 915 box has a tube sticking ot about 50mm. The G50 gearbox is wider so this tube sticks out further, about 90-100mm (sorry I don't have one to measure)

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I guess this is a vin number:WPOZZZ91ZFS141173 if not get me some ideas where to look for.


I didn't have a time yesterday to look at that torsion bar but will try to do it these days.

Thanks both of you

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WPOZZZ91ZFS141173 is an '85 model, definitely a 915 box. '87 cars have WPOZZZ91ZHS..... numbers

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There is something doggy then as in the
registration Documents it says 87.

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Could there have been a 2 yr delay between the car being built and registered? Sounds like a long time. Nick....?


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I've just uploded my pix. Where are they?

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Check the VIN on the chassis and the torsion bar tubes

Other changes for '87 were:

Hydraulic clutch, so there should be 2 reservoirs in the bootheadlight beam adjuster on dashdoor handles with "point of light"There are some more technical changes, but the VIN is the real teller.

Good luck

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I suppose it's not inconceivable that an '85 model year, built in '86 (the model years aren't calendar as I recall) might not have been registered until early '87. Or have I got that wrong ie an '85 model year could have been built in '84 but not '86 ? - Nick ?

Either way what's important is that all of the numbers on the car match the logbook - the actual year of registration is not that relevant. You might have a case if the car you were sold was mis-described as an '87 car with G50 box and other updates when actually it was an '85, but sadly I doubt trading standards will help you out much if you purchased in Italy.

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The model years run from August to July, so an 85 MY car could be built from August 84 to July 85. WPOZZZ91ZFS141173 is an 85 Targa, one of 1435 built, so it was built towards the end on the MY, lets quess at March or April 85. For this car to be registered in 87 means it sat around for a long long time.

I have just looked at my brother's 87 Carrera and there is only one reservoir in the boot, so don't use that as an identifier.

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915 has reverse bottom right of the shift pattern (below reverse), G50 has it top left

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So Gojkovic

What have you got?

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I've got 915.

Thanks to everybody on replies.

My next questions are:

1. Cheapest place in South-East to retrim seats

2. Cheap place for targa seals

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