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Is a Porsche for me?

Maxy M

Well-known member
24 May 2004
Help me, fellas.

I want a car that's REALLY involving to drive, that sends tingles up my spine and is a sublime experience. I think a 993, maybe a 964, and maybe a 996 will do it for me. (I drove a friends's 996 cabrio and loved it.) 993s are gorgeous. Only Porsche really interests me.

But while I'm prepared to spend some big money to buy, I want the cost of ownership to be reasonable. I figure that buying a Porsche with some years and some miles means lower depreciation than with a new high-performance car. Against that I'm prepared to trade high servicing costs - on the grounds that the experience makes it worth it. (Owning a supercar must involve some expense.)

But is it inevitable that bills of £2000 or more are going to arise almost as a matter of routine? Clutch replacement OK. But 996 engine and RMS problems aside, how reliable ae these machines? I want to drive my car, not be forever fixing irritating minor problems or forking out major amounts on engine/transmission problems.

BTW, JZ Machtech are local (plan to talk to them and would like to use them for services - so cheaper than OPC I imagine).

Or should I just save £5-10K and get a MINI Cooper Works? But that's totally modern and only 4 cylinders...

Help me resolve my dilemma...

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My 1988 3,2 only had services and bits I "wanted" to spend.
My current 993 has a few bits spent on it (my choice) and is still worth what I paid for it. One service in 12 months 560 quid at a Genuine Porsche dealer and in future less than 300 for basics at a porsche specialist.

Buy a 993 - notice that the 997 is trying to look like one and realise that the kudos car is the 993. They will hold their value like a Boxter does. 996's will be hit in my opinion by the 997.

If you want a car where its difficult to see through the panties thrown at the windscreen - get a 993!

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I would have to echo stevo's thoughts. Having owned 911's for the last 8 years, I would'nt change. A 964 cabriolet, followed by my current 993 Cab, havent cost anything like the annual number you refer to, including Insurance. Most folks here, and the few dealers/specialists that frequent the boards periodically, would I hope, agree that, prudent selection of your car, will provide a supercar with total regular useability. As you'll see from the board, there are some excellent specialists out there whose costs are less than OPC and very often provididng a superior friendly knowledgeable service. In terms of choice of car, the recently highlighted question mark over 996's and their engines, further re-inforces my view that a good 993 is an absolute gem. Add to that a great forum to provide loads of help and cost saving advice and you cant lose

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Buying advice....

As a dealer I have witnessed 100's of buyers in the same position as you. I echo the advice given above.

From what you have written a Porsche is for you.

But dont get too wound up about costs......the most expensive cost is buying the wrong car to start with, either by buying the wrong condition or realising you would like a 99? instead of the one you bought. So spend some decent time looking and driving the models that interest you. Time spent doing this will be worthwhile.

My experience with 996 has been positive, with the odd rms to be fixed (not too expensive) but generally very reliable. Before I get shot down I do recognise that some owners have suffered premature engine failures..and big bills, which makes me a little more wary. Therefore on a 996 do your best to have a good level of warranty cover if you go that route.

A 993 is a tough machine, with few unpredictable failures, just repairs that you might expect for the miles/age....these are a good bet.......but only if its the car you really want ....otherwise you are wasting your money. Buy what you like, a car you love and any costs will seem worth it.......then find an example where your risks are minimized (i.e. a genuinely good car).

Adrian Crawford.

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Thanks, chaps. I'm reassured. I started to have doubts that a 993 was for me when I considered that if it cost me a fortune to keep more or less a matter of routine, my other half would do her pieces...!

I'm thinking that I want a car with:

  • FSH all Documented with bills (goes without saying)
  • 1st-class condition
  • Inspected by an acknowledged specialist and pronounced 'a good car'
  • Good colour
  • Decent spec - must have a/c
  • Not too many owners
  • Not too low mileage (reasonably frequent use is good for cars)
  • No succession of significant problems
  • No iffy ICE or other electrical mods
  • No mods that could suggest track days...
Am I on the right track? And should I drive more than one 993? Does 'feel' differ from car to car? (I guess that rattles might vary from car to car, but I understand that 993 build quality is rather fine.)

I'd be keen to know of others' experiences, so keep the views coming. Thanks.

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18 months ago, bought the wife a Mini Cooper. A total hoot to drive and everyone who went in it loved it and said they wanted one too.

In March I bought a 993, for me, like you, a long cherished dream. There is no point in a performance comparison but now the handling of the Mini seems very ordinary, to the point of being bland. It's difficult to explain, but there is an emotion to driving the 993 which I don't get in anything else.

If you have the dosh, I say go for it!


97 arctic silver c2

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I bought a 84 3.2 Carrera 2 years ago - i totally loved it - it was involving and needed to be driven, it was fairly demanding by modern "do it all for you" cars, but i was smitten. I used it for 18 months commuting to work every day - even during the Swiss winter. It never let me down and only needed an oil change and a set of snow tyres during the 18 months i owned it. It even took me to my local ski resort !!

However, after 18 months i had saved enough money for a newer model. The 3.2 was great, but in the summer without Air-con it was a little warm!!!

So i bought a 94 993 and in my opinion it is a fine car, but does not have the raw edge the 3.2 did. Throttle response is slower and although it has 40-odd hp more than the 3.2,it weighs more so i really dont notice any difference in acceraltion. But, it is more easier to drive,with a lighter clutch action, gear change and power steering. In fact when my wife first drove it she remarked"its just like driving a golf" - meaning it was as easy to drive as a golf. Performance wise its a little different than a golf !!

Owning a 911 has toally lived up to my expectations of these cars - they are reliable,extremely well made and really do live up to the "hype"

Whatever you go for - i am sure that you will enjoy your 911 experience.

But like adrian says above - go into ownership with your eyes wide open.

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Hi Maxy,

As it's been said time and time again, driving a 993 is like nothing else. I've had one for 4yrs now, never regreted it for one second!

Don't be put off by cars that's seen the track a few times. Unless it's been heavily modified and trashed to bits, it would actually be better for the car to have an Italian tuning every now and then. There are one or two "up-grades" that's worth doing, such as the shocks.

Best of luck.

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