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iPhone interferes with speakers even when ignition is off !!


1 Jan 2008
Ayone else had this?

it doesnt sound like phone interference and it took me a while to isolate it but my phone emits a noise through the speakers even when I'm outside having just unlocked it! I can't think of the words to describe the noise, it sounds like a grating noise rather than an electrical noise and its quite intermittent, so I'm hoping someone recognises this issue and has maybe worked out how to stop it!
Not heard of it on a 911, but it's not impossible. Could be a bad earth somewhere perhaps? I'm clutching at straws here a bit, I've very limited knowledge about this kinda thing.
Hi. I have a MoBridge unit installed and it can be tempramental sometimes.
One thing I do is do a hard reset on my iPhone and also on the PCM.
This may help.
p.s. Forgot to mention, make sure your software is upto date on all devices.

I turned my phone off twice and it stopped at exactly the same time the phone powered down, however, it could only have been coincidence because now it does it without e phone on! What is going on I don't know. Wen I unlock the car I can hear a rumble in e door speakers that is some kind of interference even without the key in the ignition and it temperamentally comes on and off while driving around. I can't isolate it and have no idea what it could be ?

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