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Internet Scam


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29 Jun 2006
I think somebody has tried to scam me over the internet.

I own holiday home in Orlando, and i rent this out via the internet. I had an enquiry for a month long boooking (worth $4000). Everything appeared to be in order. My normal terms are a deposit is paid, with the full balance paid 8 weeks before arrival at the villa. As this guys booking was for 10 weeks time, he said he would pay the full amount immediately. Time dragged on, with no payment made. The guy was very apologetic and promised to send the money. By now his booked dates where only 6 weeks away and i had already turned down another booking that fell within his dates. The guy then sent me an email saying that his business partner had sent the money on his behalf via a bankers draft. Unfortunately he had sent $6000, not the $4000 that was owed. Would i cash his cheque and then send him a refund of $2000 using a "moneygram".

I bet his cheque will bounce after i have sent him his refund.

I told him, yes i will send the refund and see if his cheque arrives.

Surely this is a scam.

What do you think.

Thanks Rich

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Guaranteed scam.
Thanks for sharing it with us. I also do rentals so at least now I will be more aware.
Incidentally if they send you a bankers draft chances are it will clear but after you have sent his 2,000 back the draft can then be cancelled. Sounds ridiculous to me but I believe that is how the scam works. :evil:

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I think in the UK it is two weeks during which a bankers draft can be withdrawn - cash his cheque and only send the balance once he has finished the holiday - if he ever uses it.

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As said above this is a classic scam profile. Cash his draft - wait and see what happens next. It will be cancelled. If you had sent the 2000 you would have lost it.

AS here defined... http://www.answers.com/topic/confidence-trick

"However, some tricks depend on the honesty of the victim. In a common scam, as part of an apparently legitimate transaction, the victim is sent a worthless check, which the victim then deposits. The victim is then urged to forward the value of the check to the trickster as cash, which they may do before discovering the check bounces."

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What would happen if you cashed the draft then withdrew all the money-leaving nothing in the account?Surely they cannot take back money which is no longer there??

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A well known scam - ask yourself would you accidently give over 2000 USd too much - i doubt it. Be careful and try and find another taker.

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Yep I always pay 33% more for stuff by accident :wink:


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