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Interior Light problem


New member
19 Nov 2012
Hi all,

I have what may seem minor but pretty irritating issue.

Recently my interior light switches cannot be put into the auto mode, i.e. switched to the middle position. If I put them into the middle position, it is basically the same as switching them across to the right, and they just illuminate and stay on regardless.

The only way I can prevent this is to have them permanently in the off (left hand) position, which is fine but if I'm getting into the car in darkness, the only lights that come on are the ones in the bottom of the doors.
If anyone has a clue as to where I should start looking I'd be very grateful.
I would agree but actually the switch does seem to work (unless it's shorted).

If you switch it from the off position to the auto position the lights come on; problem is they don't then go off. It seems to me that whatever controls the automatic on/off is the problem and I have no idea of how that's controlled.
Sounds like the switch the door activates when opening and closing could be sticking, try playing around with those!
, hi i know this post is a month old so u might not be watching but maybe youll get an email !!!!

Did you find the problem , mine is doing the same thing and i feel its far too minor to take it to opc ,

It is fairly common for the interior lights to lose their settings, especially if you have a flat battery (or disconnect it), and they slip into transit mode. It needs resetting by doing a handover routine with a PIWIS tester.

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