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Intercooler thoughts please


14 Apr 2013
I'm slowly collecting a list of bits whichi will be buying to add to my car in spring before getting her re mapped.

My thoughts have turned to intercoolers.....

I've read with interest the comments from Ken at 9e regarding the 997 GT2RS intercoolers being the 'best'. The price for these is also attractive at approx 315+vat each.

The downside is that you have to hack your shrouds to bits to fit them. I am concerned that by doing this there will be a loss of Venturi effect.

I am looking for 650bhp and will leave the modifying alone at this level.

Are there any other intercoolers which would not require surgery to fit which would be adequate for this power, or should I just bite the bullet and fit the 997 ones?

Cheers in advance :thumbs:
you could not bother and just rig up a IC water spray instead, :puh:
If you are not in a rush to pick them I will be doing tests to show the difference between x50 and GT2 RS intercoolers in the new year. Matt at Fearnsport has a new design as well but I think they are more expensive.


cant be bothered do a long winded pedantic post on water sprays like some might :wack: :D

but ive been down lots of upgrading intercoolers over the years and didnt ever notice any difference , but did find a stronger boost WITH water spray - RASSSP :p

MisterCorn said:
If you are not in a rush to pick them I will be doing tests to show the difference between x50 and GT2 RS intercoolers in the new year. Matt at Fearnsport has a new design as well but I think they are more expensive.


Sounds interesting! No, I'm not in any rush and look forwards to seeing the results.

I believe 9E tested the same thing and found that the RS ICs were 10 degrees lower at any given speed...

That's all well and good but I'm not overly keen to hack my shrouds apart if there is a good enough intercooler for my requirements which would not need my butchery to fit! The price of the RS units is very attractive though....
All intercoolers other than those currently fitted to your car will require a degree of fettling to the shrouds to get them to fit as the cores are generally thicker, providing a greater internal surface area, thus more efficient at cooling.
You can't really improve on the efficiency of the standard 996 TT intercooler without altering the dimensions one way or another.
Your car may already have the intercooler shrouds modified if it was previously running 632 Bhp, so worth checking first.
Are they genuine "Gt2 RS" intercoolers at that price or aftermarket copies?
Many thanks F15HAR, good insight there.

The units I've seen are from design911 when you search for the part number. There are 3 different manufacturers of that part with only £100 between the most expensive and the cheapest.

Will look at the shrouds but I doubt if they have been messed with. Looks like I'm going to need to get my fettling gear on then!
A quick search on the would reveal that the intercooler debate had been done to death on here, PistonHeads and Rennlist over past years.. Pretty much every respected tuner in the U.K, mainland Europe & the U.S runs 997 GT2 RS intercoolers on 996's with upto 620bhp.
Companies have published their extensive testing years ago, showing numerous stats for comparison with standard intercoolers, X50's and other aftermarket options. Ken at 9E for example....
Trimming a bit of plastic housing with a dremmel is a small job, there are comprehensive instructions on various sites...
Half day job to complete.
I'm running forge, 4 inch, what was the outcome on these? Anyone do any testing?
Ken aT 9E has lots of comparison durametric data for various I/C on 996TT.
He has built his knowledge & company's reputation through trial and error testing, so really we don't need to do the trial and error= Cheaper for us.
Having said that I guess the intercooler that works best for your car depends on how it will be driven, as tests done on repeated runs from 0-300kph will give different information to say a test done doing laps on a track, the airflow and speeds involved will be totally different.
Runway runs, use of higher gears, higher speeds, increased airflow, less heat soak.
Track run, lower gears, changes in speed, huge variations in airflow, more heat soak.
If you then factor in what turbos you are running and what boost, engine mapping and any other mods on your particular car, what works for one car won't necessarily give the same results on another.
From what I've read on 6 speed online, the 997gtrs i/c see best for moderate power increases of up to 1.5 bar or so, after that the plastic end tasks can fail. Just what I've read, but there's so many conflicting opinions its hard to know what to believe. I'm sure as above there are some more suitable for each application.
ragpicker said:
Haha, Oooohhhhh water sprays are useless, no they're not, yes they are........ FIGHT, FIGHT!

Water spray does work. Done test on dyno with previous car.
Water / meth injection in the intake do work really well too. An old tuning trick coming from fighter planes made by Mercedes Benz.
Rockunrolla said:

Theres much better ways than water !!!!! :D

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