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Insurance - Too good to be true???


3 Jun 2003
Just had an amazing quote from
- £300 cheaper than AdrianFlux.

I think you have to be over 30, but for £735 FullyComp & Protected No Claims (6 years)- it includes track day cover + they don't care about any modifications provided engine capacity remains standard. They don't care if its garaged, tracker protected, or any convictions except those that resulted in a ban!

What a result!!!

Try them out - very easy website application. (No affiliate, etc)

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i couldnt even get insured on a 1.4 106 XSi! yeh, its great being 20 with no NCD!

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Sorry Luke, I remenber that problem (although it was 20 years ago) when it cost me the same price as the car to insure a MG Midget MkII.

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lol - it wasnt until i got my 6th car at the age of 23 (a e30 bmw 320 coupe) that cost 4 grand that my Insurance actually cost me less than the car itself!!!

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I used to chance it on 3rd party fire and theft when I had a golf gti at 18, quotes weren't too bad either?!

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I am also with Liverpool Victoria and found them excellent in all bar one aspect; they wouldn't cover me on a track day!

How did you persuade them that it's OK?

I tried all the "non-competitive" stuff, but they just said "we won't cover any use on a race track" which seemed to be fairly final.

BTW, I paid £956 with guaranteed NCB (7 yrs) and I live in a dodgy (Kingston) postcode, so I still think their prices are good.


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Hi Steve

I just said I had heard they covered non-competitive track days and the answer was "Yes". Though I haven't had the policy yet to check out what the T's & C's actually say! (Will let you know).

For a C4S, your price is still very good given age/value of the car.

BTW I live just across the road in East Molesey - see you around!


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thanks for the tip vic, just got a quote of £780 for 03 996, which was £200 less than best i had sofar

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I insured myself with them last week at £500 cheaper than my renewal and yes they do cover trackdays.

Don't tell everyone though coz once they have loads of Porsches on their books they will up their premiums.

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Do you think I should get anything in writing regarding trackdays?

I have checked my policy Documents and there is nothing in there that specifically excludes it, I was only told this verbally when I asked the question.

How do you know that you're covered? (if you don't mind me asking!)

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I just got my policy docs and noticed the same thing. But I was told I was covered so have writtem back for clarification. Will post how I get on.

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I was quoted £990 from Norwich Union, and £755 from LIverpool Victoria and no one else could touch their quote - they got the job!

Not sure about track day coverage as I have no time to do that sort of thing...

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They just quoted me £700 so thanks for the tip. Let's hope there isn't a stack on a 911uk trackday.

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