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Insurance time again


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13 Nov 2002
Any hot tips on who's offering good deals at the moment?! Carole Nash have just put mine up £150 over last year (was £400 which I thought was pretty reasonable).

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I seem to remember a lot of people on this board have used Tesco

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Try Liverpool & Victoria they were over £200 cheaper than Tesco's for my 996 C2

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Carole Nash did the same with my Insurance on my 3.2, apparently they have changed underwriters and are not competitive on Classic Porsche Insurance anymore - which seems strange considering how much marketing they do for Porsches!!

My cheapest quote was £360 with PerformanceMarque, tel 0121 248 0911.

HTH, Matt.

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Elephant.co.uk Were cheapest for me by far. Blew Tesco's away.

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Assuming you're over 30 Liverpool Victoria do seem to be very competitive. I'm just renewing at the moment and have the same problem with Carole Nash - I've not yet had my renewal notice (due to expire 9th July !), but having spoken to them I know it's going to go up. As noted in another post Axa who underwrote the classic policies have pulled out of the market.

Quotes seem to vary hugely dependent upon use, 2nd car status, garaging and age. For me as a 28 year old living in London with car on street the Admiral group of companies (Admiral, Elephant and Bell Direct - all quotes almost identical) have turned out cheapest this year. £670 vs £816 last year from Carole Nash (likely to be £1K plus this year !) - so actually cheaper than I was paying and getting an extra 2000 miles allowance into the bargain.

This is all rather strange as I was with Admiral two years ago and paid about £850, then at renewal time they wanted £1,300 !!!! At that point I moved to Carole Nash, yet twelve months later as a new customer they offer me £670 ????? Surely my risk profile hasn't changes that dramatically in a year ?

All goes to show it pays to shop around every year !


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Liverpool Victoria £585 (and I am over 30) Elephant £568 Lancaster Classic £688. Going to try Tesco's & Performance Marque now...

You're right about Axa. They were the company previously covering mine.

Mine's a second car, but I occasionally use it to travel to work, so that probably adds a bit. Maybe it's a good reason to take the wife off too! She hates driving LHD anyway..

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I bet you won't beat the quote from elephant (but do try Admiral and Bell Direct might save you another £20 even though it's all the same company !)


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I'm 30, my car is LHD and I use it for travel to work, so I expect your quote should come in similar to mine?? (5000 miles limit). I got a similar quote from Liverpool Victoria, but I got several between £400 - £500, one of the companies was Heritage, can't remember the others.


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I've found through being a young driver that most companies who give you a good deal initially almost always come back with a considerable hike up for renewal.

Its for this reason that every year I tart round all the companies playing one off another. They can often come up with a further discount depending on time of month - end of week seems to help too?!


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Tesco £908!!!! Performance Marque £358 (thanks Matt!) Doesn't include breakdown & recovery but still works out cheaper. How can these companies justify such a huge difference??!

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You lucky lot. Because I live in Portugal with a British registered car I need 12 months green card. I have obtained Insurance through a company in Gibraltar who have charged me £1200. I am over 40 and with a clean license etc.etc.

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