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Insurance - that time of year again !

Jamie Summers

Well-known member
29 Oct 2002
Though I would share my recent experiences with the class ........

My Insurance renewal came through at the weekend. Having insured me for a very reasonable £850 (5,000 miles, parked on street in West London, aged 26 then, 6 years protected no claims and girlfriend as named driver) last year, Admiral decided that they would like £1,336 this year. Huh ? I politely suggested to them where they might like to put their quote - they then generously offered me £100 off !

Anyway so I set off on the annual trek to find a cheaper quote. Here's how it went.

1. Tesco £1,400 - oh ***** !

2. Elephant.co.uk £821 (sounding more like it) their computer system crashed and then when I rang them they told me they would not insure an imported car even though they have no problem with lhd - go figure !

3. Bell Direct £2,000 - no thanks

4. Peart Associates £1,800 - no thanks

5. Jardine Faber - only cover 2nd car on classic policy

6. AON - only garaged cars

7. Heritage - only garaged cars

8. Nowell & Richards - £2,000 - getting worried now !

9. Carole Nash £816.36 (including 10% PCGB discount) - I had their arm off !

Just goes to show what an enormous variation there is out there and how it pays to shop around. Renewal is not until 9th July, so if anyone else has had a good deal recently then please let me know and I'll give it a try.


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...you have your girlfriend as named driver!!!!! :eek:

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When I last looked into insuring a 964 RS in West London on the street (I am 28, 4 yrs no claims bonus) Carole Nash offered me a great policy. This was just before Christmas and they offered £650 on a classic policy limited to 6000 miles a year (no garage required). Pretty amazing quote really. In fact it was less than I was paying for my wife's Fiesta at the time!!!

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Don't worry, she doesn't get to drive it much (only twice in the last year !) but worth having in case of emergencies given that it only costs about an extra £30 to have her on the policy !


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..good point Jamie, always handy if you've had a shedfull of beer too!

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I don't know how I agreed to this but Mrs CT993 is now on the Insurance for the trackday at Bedford on 26th July.

Sutchy - if you are still going I'll be the one with grey hair and a very worried expression on my face !!!!!!!!!!

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I have found that having women on your policy can reduce the fee by a decent amount. When insuring last year (23 with 2 yrs ncb) I added my dear old mar (who will never drive my car unless the very worst happens) and it shaved about £100 off.

Which was nice

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CT....if she overtakes me with a oversteer powerslide manouvere I will sell the porker and go and live on Christmas Island.

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Jamie, I've been doing the same. My renewal is also 9th July. Isn't your car also a black LHD '89 3.2? Spooky!

Lancaster (who I'm with now) £695

Jardine Faber £530

AON £581

Carole Nash £400!!!!

RH Specialist - ringing back

Admiral £781

Nobody asked me about no claims bonus (?). Carole Nash includes breakdown recovery and European cover. 4000 miles. I'm waiting for written confirmation as frankly I couldn't believe the price.

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Just got an online quote for £3300!

Thats fully comp on a 1980 911 SC for a 23yr old driver with three years NCB's

Why is everyone else getting cheap quotes and not me!? I think i'll stick with tesco's.


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Nathan, spooky indeed ! Sounds like you've got a pretty good deal there. Funny that all of your quotes were fairly similar yet the ones I got were so wildly varied - I guess there are just a lot of things going against me - age, London, no garage, only car, claim last year (pre Porsche !). All things considered I don't think £816 for 6000 miles is bad at all.


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