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Insurance renewal time

Andy C

29 Jul 2004
As my Insurance is about to run out I have been going through the process of getting a few quotes.
One question they all ask (on their web sites) is details of your convictions during the last 5 years.
The conviction I had for speeding expired last January but I still have to disclose it (can imagine what would happen if I didn’t and then tried to claim).

Sounds like I’m being stung for higher Insurance even though I no longer have the points on my licence.
Anyone else come across this?

Interestingly though I managed to get a quote for half, yes HALF what my current insurer is charging.
I’ve been quoted happy as they say in their nauseating adverts.

I queried the renewal price w
ith my existing insurer
today but they weren’t in the least bit interested in bettering it.

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Neither logic nor common sense has ever applied to the world of car Insurance!

The elephant might even quote you happier-er! :wink:

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The Elephant and The Admiral quoted me happy but I did'nt try the other. Same deal with my old co though. Were'nt interested in keeping my custom, taking my money with no claims from me for the past few years.

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life Insurance is not mandatory but is regulated to ensure best advice

car Insurance is mandatory but is not regulated, figures eh!

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Just been checking out different Insurance quotes. For

95 C4 Cab, 6k miles pa, kept on driveway in Surrey, Cat1 alarm, no trackdays; Myself 40 (£9500 claim in Dec01, and SP30 in Apr03), protected NCD; Clean wife 34

I got the following quotes:

Performance Marque £1068 0121 248 0911www.tesco.com £846Bell Direct £795 0870 549 2200www.confused.com £758www.liverpoolvictoria.co.uk £580www.elephant.co.uk £519

On the elephant site I also tried out a few what-if scenarios and, perversley, by removing my wife the premium went up to £581. I guess the theory is that when she is driving the car I can't be, so the total risk is less for the insurer. As it happens she never drives the car anyway. So the message here is - if you are a little bit dirty, with a clean spouse, then add her/him to your policy to reduce the premium !

Re the 5 years having to declare the conviction - I think the law states that after 5 years you need not own up to a civil conviction, even if asked. I believe the period is longer for a criminal conviction. All the insurers are doing is reflecting the law in what questions they can legally ask.

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Shows the difference in where you live and having off street parking eh!

Same ages but no previous claims or convictions, ie full No Claims but we are in London SW18 having to park on the street. Elephant charges me £550 but that's only for a BMW323 saloon.

My premium goes up nearly £100 aswell, if I remove the wife but she's the only one who dents it all the time, never claim though.

Only worth claiming if you write it off.

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I'd be happy to pay slightly higher premiums if it meant my wife was dirty.

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Just tried elephant - rubbish quote, twice as much as 'quote me happy'. I wonder how come everyone else seems to get cheaper Insurance than me. I must have a bad mark against my name for some reason.

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Might be your exhaust modification.....thats assuming your declaring it.... Elephant might take a dim view on modifcations.

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Yeah I thought that, elephant wanted a lot of detail about modifications, so I thought I’d better declare them all to avoid giving them a reason not to pay up should I have to claim.
So I put down, the extra rear spoiler, turbo wheels and the exhaust.
I then tried it as completely standard with no convictions or claims and the quote still came out very high.
It made a difference of about £100 from standard to modified.

The exhaust is interesting, it was on the car when I bought it and consists of new silencers and tail pipes.
The web site for cargraphic claims no increase in BHP but gives no technical data at all.
Several people have said that you don’t get an increase in power by changing just the silencers and tail pipes. It just gives a sporty sound
- which I am very happy with.

Be interested to hear how others get on with their Insurance as I have noticed that many of you have some quite interesting modifications.

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Try Norwich Union Direct.

£430 pa for me on limited mileage of 5000 per annum.

Toy has a sports exhaust fitted that is VNOISY. I don'y think it adds anything to the output and would change it back to the original specification if it didn't cost in the region of £1000.

Dyno test yesterday gave 307hp at flywheel but thats another story...

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Try Privilege. Did me a nice price...

Although no points now on your licence, insurers consider the recent history an adverse risk factor. BTW, motor Insurance will be regulated from 1/05. Don't expect that to make any different to insurers' pricing decisions...

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The extra 3 HP are not going to make a difference to how hard you hit something - what the insurers are looking for is the type of person who would modify their car - theory being that a person who puts a louder exhaust on their car will drive with less caution - I have to say they are generally right.... if you look at the Escort/ Fiat/ Toyota/ Honda end of the market -

So what I say is that the exhaust has been replaced for non Porsche item with no Power advantage - (I did the same on my bike - non-Yamaha item) I hope that makes me look like a price-sensitive cautious type of guy. I also tell the person on the phone to ensure that they do not load the price becase their competitors don't so if they do they will not be competitive.

Well... (I think) it works for me


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