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Insurance for 718 GT4 / Spyder


29 May 2010
Morning everyone,

I am visiting my local OPC in a couple of weeks time to talk about availability / delivery of a new Spyder which I know will take some months to arrive.

I am interested in any advice anyone has about Insurance and GAP Insurance. As the value of the car exceeds the usual £75k value limit of the mainstream insurers, who can you recommend to provide good value for money comprehensive Insurance.

Any advice and cost examples welcome.

many thanks.
Wow, just did a bit of searching on Money Supermarket - I think I have answered my own question!!

Putting the Spyder details in with a value of £84k and a whole range of offers came up. Looking at the two cheapest, they were well below £300.00 even without a tracker fitted. The premium is only about £50 more expensive than my 996 and the 996 has a tracker fitted!!

The quotes also came out lower than we pay for our X3 M40i by £100.00ish!!

Just going to follow these two quotes up, but if they are OK I'll be well chuffed! Anyone else find that insuring these cars is pretty reasonable?
Yep, did mine with Admiral and was more than happy with the price. Some mainstream insurers don't insure the car as you've said, but Admiral were fine.
Have my GT3 with LV - worth a look.
I'm also with LV. My 991 is part of a multi-car policy but it's the first time I've owned a car where the Insurance premium is less that the road tax :grin:
Another vote for LV
Thanks everyone, I'll look out LV as well, looks like they come well recommended.

Thanks also Otto, I'll look into a multi car policy as well. I have discounts for additional cars, but not one that is a genuine multi-car - one policy Insurance. I think they recognise that you can't drive more than one car at the same time, so insure the driver - not the car!!

Road tax is now a bit excessive and in particular on new cars.

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