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Insurance Companies

Keith Barker

15 Aug 2005
Hi im new to this forum so here goes

Can anyone point me to an Insurance company that will do propper porsche Insurance

I currently own a lotus elise motorsport 160 and this is the same group as a 996 c2 Im looking to trade in for a 996 c2

But the quotes im getting are £1500 +

It seems that you porsche drivers are hated aswell

So if anyone can point me towards a good company i would be vert greatful

Keith B

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Search the forums for some old threads Mate this has been discussed many times - Just to give you hope, mine was half that and I live in London, with clean records and living outside London you could be on 5-600 I guess?


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Try A-Plan 0800 731 7666

They were the best deal for me for all my cars and a lot of my friends use them as well.

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Hi Keith, another forum member from Shenfield - welcome!

Try -
- I got a very good quote online from them. Also A. Manning UK Ltd - 01491 578759. They give a discount for PCGB members plus approved track day cover.



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Keith - also new to the Porsche scene, so was pleasantly surprised when Norwich Union Direct quoted me £745 fully comp protected Insurance. However:

  • Have just hit '40'.
  • I was was with them already and have been for 3 years, so it was an easy option.
  • 'We' have had 2 (small) claims with them + a minor speeding drama (81 mph in a 70 - thanks speed camera), so they were sympathetic.
  • Original quote was just under £800 and I asked them to give me their best quote - always seems to work, they should give you a small discount after the "I'll have to put you on hold for a minute and speak to my manager" reply.
Other ways that reduce Insurance costs are:

  • Limited mileage
  • Security features (tracker/ Cat 1 Thatcham alarm).
  • Garaged / off road.
  • Country postcode (if you live in a city, then standby).
  • IAM, RoSPA, other advanced training.
  • Increase the excess.
  • Get married (sounds stupid, but apparently married men are less reckless?!* don't quote me on this).
  • When an Insurance company asks whether you have had a quote, give them something to aim at (for you possibly £1000+-) or a figure you would be happy with (remembering you don't get something for nothing nowadays).
Hope this helps - I also spoke to a company called AON (twice) on the recommendation of a friend, but they failed to ring me back - obviously they did not want my business (make your own judgement).

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This year's search turned up Norwich Union Direct (but required thatcham cat 1) or privilege.com. Privilege offer a 0% finance option as well. Don't bother with Liverpool Victoria their premiums went up significantly (70%) on porsches since last year. Also try confused.com - should take the work out of the search.



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Many thanks guys :)

Have just got a quote from Tesco (of all places) £907.00 with a £500 ex

This is better

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Try Performance Marque- they are dedicated Porsche insurers.

Been very impressed with Adrian Flux too.

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Get married (sounds stupid, but apparently married men are less reckless?!* don't quote me on this).


- But surely being married implies an element of reckless / risk taking / loss of control ??



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LJ - I guess you're right.

Proposed when drunk - Reckless.

Bought the private C4 plate before the car & didn't inform Mrs A - Risk taking.

Replied 'Sorry Officer' - Loss of control.

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Just renewed the 993 with Direct Line, fully comp, limited to 10k miles for approx £410 :)

Did it online as that was the cheapest way, also tried Privilige who were slighthly dearer, but they are a Direct Line company!

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Got a quote of £800 from elephant, with my wife(I know, I know, but she lets me drive her Focus during the week) and brother as named drivers. Might be worth giving them a try. I have 3 points for speeding aswell, and limited mileage to 6k so I think it's a fair quote.


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Try classicline insurannce 01455 639000 hope this helps

I recently insured a 993 tt with limited mileage 5k, clean liscence and garaged in London for £722.00

The best thing was that they do not need to use your no claims discount


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Norwich Union were £819.00 ... incredibly helpful tooooooooooo!!

oh I had one quote at£1600 through a broker. Turned out the Insurance company they were placing it with was Norwich Union!!

Nice little earner! :eek:

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