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Inspection plate rotten


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18 Mar 2003
Hello. Ive just got the results back from my inspection on a 92 C4. The main points of interest on what seems to be an excellent car are these.

ABS not working, but also speedo not working till warm. Think these could be linked??

More worrying is that there is an inspection plate underneath about 2 feet behind the battery (to give an idea of location. The inspector said it is rotten and you could put you finger through it. I dont mind replacing it, the problem is what caused it. What is above the plate??

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

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From 1991 onwards the ABS and speedo use the same wheel sensors. It sounds like these sensors are faulty. I would not want to make any offer on this car until that was fixed. If it is anything more sinister than the sensor it could get expensive.

I'm not sure what the inspection plate is. If it is very near the battery, perhaps the battery has spilled - this is a classic cause of corrosion. If the inspection didn't pick up any more corrosion perhaps this is isolated and therefore not an issue, but if a battery spilage has caused this, I would imagine you would find corosion elsewhere as well.

Cheers, James

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Thaks for that James. I tried emailing you at your hotmail address, but i had it returned for some reason.

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The plate protects the front crossmember, steering rack and various pipes. I can't imagine why that should corrode, and if that has there must be problems elsewhere. Was the inspection carried out by a Porsche specialist?

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Not as such, but when I spoke to him he instilled confidence with his knowledge. He couldnt remove the plate because he would have been liable for it breaking up.

I cant help thinking that as nothing was leaking through the plate, it is corroded simply due to road salt etc. None of the fluids in the pipes would be corrosive to that extent, surely?

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The cover across the steering rack, anti-roll bars etc on mine is PLASTIC.

If that's corroded, that car has problems!!!


PS Remember the definition of "expert"

"Ex" being something past its prime and "spurt", a drip under pressure!

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Maybe yours is plastic because the metal one corroded? Who knows.

Nice definition though!

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