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Indicator / headlight problem

Mr Bacchus

Well-known member
26 Oct 2012

Before I open my wallet I wouldn't mind a second opinion on my diagnosis of an an electrical problem.

Headlights go off when indicating left.

I do not have this problem with side lights or full beam, only headlights. I also note that if I apply slight downward pressure on the left indicator lever or pull it slightly toward me (whilst indicating left) then the headlights come on.

I removed steering column switch today and visually checked all wiring for damage - seems OK. Gave the steering column switch a good working with a dose of WD40.

My conclusion is that their is problem with contacts within the switch and, as it does not seem to be possible to open it, I need to replace it. I have eliminated a wiring issue on the basis that it is only the headlights that go off, if it were a ground problem I am assuming I would get similar symptoms with low and full beam.

Do you think my diagnosis is correct?

Sounds logical to me.
Is the switch totally sealed (glued all round), or is it "riveted"?
Someone put it together, so it must be possible to take it apart.

It might be possible to clean it in one piece using contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner.
I assume they are the same nor very similar to the 993 part. In which case I've not heard of anyone being able to fix them. The usual rememdy is to buy a new part. Not cheap though £180ish + VAT or thereabouts from memory.
It is riveted together so I decided not to try and take it apart, I will approach OPC for a price as I cannot find one elsewhere right now

I think there is on on eBay with both stalks and cantral 'hub' at the moment :dont know:
Is this the indicator stalk unit you are talking about?
It is the switch unit with the central boss and stalks at each side, part number 964 613 338 01. A few on Fleabay but not quite right.

Just had confirmation from your link to the porsche964 site that my car has had three replaced during it's life! (I also have the receipts but had not read them all yet)

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