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Inaudible indicators


New member
17 Apr 2003
Hi All, When using the indicators but not turning the wheel sufficient to engage the automatic cancel (say if pulling off a motorway - or overtaking) sometimes leave them on as the click is almost inaudible, what with the engine and road noise, and the arrow on the dash isn't that prominent particularly if it's sunny. My son ALWAYS notices and tells me to cancel. Is there an upgrade unit with a louder click available. (Is this a general whinge or is it an age thing - perhaps I need my ears syringing - hmmm) :oops:


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Just not worth worrying about in my opinion - I have a more interesting problem that when I cancel the turning signal manually when the head lights are on it automatically switches to full beam dazzling anyone who I'm turning across - tends not to be very popular !

I seem to have an itchy bull beam switch - it also flicks on to full beam if you go over a bump - it's getting quite tedious now .....

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don't bother using your indicators!

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I catch my dad doing that regularly, a small problem which is still in todays 996s :eek:

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Poon, I try not to use them ! But avoiding bumps is a bit more tricky !

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So pleased someone else has the same problem. Thought it was a fault with my car! The indicator sound is basically inaudible, and the lights barely visible in bright daylight, and I find they don't automatically cancel that well.... I'm always leaving them on!

1997 993

'spose I'll have to learn to live with it!

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My indicators beep like a truck reversing =) (inside the car, not outside thank god). It was like that when I got the car, and whatever is making the beep is hidden too far up under the dash for me to get at easily and remove. I don't notice it anymore but everyone and I mean everyone who gets in the car notices it and comments straight away. Its got kinda embarrassing. Mind you, I have never left my indicator on though =).
If you wanna fly down here to AUS you can take out the beeper and keep it if like =)

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Hi James AUS, Interesting - could you ask your OPC for a part number when you're next in touch. Thanks


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the self cancelling bit of the indicators doesn't seem all that keen to cancel so often i've been driving along with the indicators merrily flashing away, to the amusement of other traffic.

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yep not a problem. They are pretty useless down here so when I get the car back from the shop I will try once again to pull it out myself. I have my doubts weather its an offical Porsche part, I have a feeling its just a little beeper from an electronics store, but when I get it out I will let you know all the same.

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Someone with a 964 recently complained about this on JZ Machtechs Q&A section.

Jonas just recommended fitting a new relay, saying it would then "tick like a bomb"


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Vic, Thanks for the JZ Machtec reference.

I've ordered a new relay (£10) from my OPC, pick it up tomorrow - will have a go on Saturday and let you all know the result.


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