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In search of a very particular colour

Andi Smith

New member
2 Jan 2007
Dear Porsche friends,

Allow a VW enthusiast to beg a few moments of your time. I'm gate crashing this sight for one purpose.

I'm in the midst of an extensive restoration/modification and at the point of chosing the final colour. My local paint shop has me taken with a Porsche colour it lists only as 84U Kupfer Orange, I am despoarte to get a picture of a car in this colour, and to learn as much as I can about its year ect. Any help hugely apreciated. In the mean time apologies for gate crashing your forum!

Thanks again!!

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Did you try Porsche UK ? Might be worth firing off a few emails to Germany & the US as well, their marketing dept might have details.

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Who issued the paint list? Copper Orange doesn't exist as a Porsche colour by the look of it. Are you concerned about the colour or just what cars (if any) were actually painted in this colour?



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Looked up in official 993 repair manual which is '95 ish onwards. This was not a colour from this model/era.

84A is Guards Red

84R / 84S is Arena Red Metallic (difference in code is for water based paint)

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Thanks for the thoughts.

I got the number and sample from a local paint shop. We were scanning different Orange options and he turned to his Porsche colors and came up with: 84U Kupfer Pearl Orange'. since then I've been drawing blanks everywhere.

Essentialy I'm keen just to see how Prosche use this colour, especially the kind of matches other people have made, interior trim colour, wheels ect ect, although I apreciate that all these will at some stage have been down to the choice of the individual.

As for emailing Germany I sent an email through the official Porsche website weeks ago, heard nothing. Understandably I am very, very small fry in a world where people spend serious money on serious cars.

Thanks again!

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Have you tried the forums on PorscheGB.

May be helpful?? :)

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Is it possible it was a "colour to sample". Sometimes even though they only did one in that colour it makes it onto the lists, especially if they used it in advertising etc. Like the Nordic Gold used in the Skydriving launch material for the 997 Targa 4/4S

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Are you sure this isnt another one of the many one-off customer custom colours that can be requested on an new car order ?


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Thanks for all your replies. I still seem to be drawing blanks so maybe we'l just have to go for it and hope for the best. All the paint shop are able to tell me is that 84U Kupfer Pearl Orange is listed as an official colour, it seems that with the possibility of a one off customer order there might be more to that than I had first considered. Oh, well the mystery goes on!

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