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In love for the 'first' time


12 Jun 2004
Just had a test drive of a 1996 Iris Blue / Black Interior 993 Targa. And it was excellent!!!! It is a tiptro version in LHD with only 29,000 genuine KM yes KM on it. Full service history with one owner! It is BLOODY PERFECT! The owner wants GB P 29,000 for it? He reckons it will go quick - he is a private collector, 3 Porkies, 2 Ferrari's and loads of others! What do you guys reckon? Professional advice most appreciated!

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you can't go wrong with a Targa..

only issue with that low mileage is the usual problems that can arise from not having been driven so much...

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Satsiriakal Yaar, kiddha? what kind of problems should I be aware off? I will keep my 2003 C2 until next year and get a 997 as a daily driver - I just want to keep the 993 until I grow old and grey so I thought that a low mileage car would have been better...

what do you think of the price?

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kidha :)

price for mileage is prob' at the high end of what one would pay over here.... esp for an early 993.. i.e. too close to £30k but your market's supply and demand may dictate such a price (?)

there was a short piece on potentail issue on low mileage 993's which I will have to dig up... otherwise nothing really wrong with low mileage......

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Hi Sundeep

Thanks for the advice - really thinking about getting it! I have wanted one for a while now and this one has to be the nicest one I have ever seen! The only thing is that I would prefer a manual - I have a 2003 996 Tiptronic as well so a manual would be great....What do you think of the 993 Carrera S? or the 993 4S Here in Japan the 4S is not so popular - people reckon the steering is a little vague...never tried one so couldn't comment

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I'm a rear-wheel drive manual gearbox man myself.....

4s will have a bit of understeer.. although the bonus of 4wd & ABD for added safety

certainly nothing wrong with the steering !

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thanks Sundeep - will let you know how I go with the Targa -

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Bit of prob - the wife is winging - should have married a punjabi : ) she wants a convertible - Boxster / 993 / 996 or 997. Any car as long as it is a cab. I don't like the 993 cab's....might take her to the showroom and let the car do the convincing.

The main reason she is worried is because when she did go to a showroom she was told be the salesguy that the Targa's are toooo hot in summer (Japan gets up to 40 degrees) and the targa is bit of an oven - how is the sun shade? I know the UK whether isn't too bad but am not sure what it would be like here. A mate of mine has a brand new (2004) 996 Targa and he said summer was terrbile...what do you think?

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sun shade is fine.... and never had a problem with the A/C... even in the mid 30degree heat of the UK..... although here never had the A/C on cool beyond the 3rd setting all summer (another one to go), mostly set to 1/2 all summer....

In the setting Sun / later in the day is when the Targa comes into its own...

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The glass on a targa is specially treated so you won't cook! And, (possibly a selling point to convince your missus) the targa is built on the cabriolet body. You get the benefits of a cabriolet without losing that gorgeous shape. Check out

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#You get the benefits of a cabriolet without losing that gorgeous shape#

but your rear windows are pointy at the bottom.... :wink:
couldnt have that ....

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Thanks for the link Pneumatic, will do my best to convince her - she would jump at a Boxster or 996 Cab, will let you know how I go!

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Porkapig, the windows are a design feature! Bit like having a roof arial I suppose but much better!! :oops:

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LOL! cheers pneumatic!

havent got around to ordering the half price zymol yet - will get it next week as off to french alps for a few days


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