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Improving driving position.


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11 Apr 2011
I always feel a bit contorted when driving the 993. My size 10s won't go to the foot rest by the clutch pedal and the steering wheel gets in the way of my knees. I tried a RS wheel which improved the clearance a bit but have now fitted a 968CS Atiwe wheel with eccentric spacer much better and a nice chunky grip but with the seat fully back (RS replicas) I'll need a spacer.
Has anyone tried repositioning/bending the clutch pedal a bit?
Size 10's aren't big.
Mind you, I tend to have my left foot constantly hovering above the clutch and I end up getting shin cramp sometimes on a long run.
I've never got truly comfortable in a 993 and spend most of my time adjusting the seat height and fore and aft.

If it had a retractable steering wheel with rake adjustment too, I reckon it would be perfect.

Don't know about bending the clutch pedal though.
Maybe have a look at the rennline adjustable pedals. Not too pricey, look quite good.
Trouble is with rennline stuff it's lhd and there's more room anyway. It's started bugging me 'cos the 944 has a nicer pedal arrangement and I've grown used to that over the past year. The RS seats have made the problem worse as they have little lateral compliance and the offset of the pedals is much more noticeable. I don't need much space so a subtle bend may do the trick. The car feels so much quicker with all the weight loss and I love not having a sun roof. Just final touches for a car I've grown to love all over gain.


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Apologies for the off topic but........... god thats a gorgeous car :worship:
Grum said:
Apologies for the off topic but........... god thats a gorgeous car :worship:

+1 :thumb: (apologies also)

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