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New member
1 Jan 2004
I reckon that I'll bite the bullet this year and purchase a 993.

I have contacts in belgium, who are willing to try to source me a good example. I am also cosidering, with the pound being so strong against the US dollar, purchasing one in America.

Can anyone advise me of ball park figures for importing from the states?

What needs to be done to the car to make it compliant with British regulations. (ie lights etc) and how much will this cost?

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Buy one in England! I know someone with one for sale right now! :wink:

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US cars have underpowered engines to comply with smog restrictions, ugly "bumperettes" and are not particularly cheap. Germany is your best bet especially as you can drive it back.

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I have been to Germany looking at cars and beleive me you have to do your homework, otherwise you will get ripped off. Also I found the prices to be no better if not more expensive than in England. Generally prices for lefthand drive cars are cheaper in England and you dont have the hassle. If you buy in Germany to change the lights is a five minute job, no expense incurred. The speedo should be in MPH and I beleive you need to obtain a certificate of conformity.

two good websites for vehicles are


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As with Peter, I have been monitoring prices on LHD between UK and Euroland for some 6 months or so. The Euro strengthening during 2003 has wiped out a 12% price advantage. As an example, on autoscout.de, there is a silver 993 C2 cabriolet with 88k on the clock for Euro 45,900 (about GBP32,500) I have the same car, albeit a year older, which I bought from Paul Devyea a year ago for GBP 24,000. As has been mentioned on other threads, verification of a cars history is frought with pifalls unless you have a tame 'Eric/Joergen' to look after your interests. France is no better (even more expensive and they love stuffing the English). It is also common in germany for folks to do a lot of motorway miles and many examples I've initially looked at have a second engine in them. Fine if the sellers are, honest but another area to be cautious. Many of the independants on this site have LHD import cars with prices that are better than those on the continent.

There is always Adrian Crawford to help you source a solid car if you want to use his services. He seems to knows his onions from conversations I've had with him. :D

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I agree with Peter Bird and Hendo - buy a LHD locally.

In fact I know someone who was selling a LHD 993 and a bloke came over from Spain to buy it because with the Euro strengthening they are now cheaper in the UK......


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I agree with much that has already been said, you could be walking into a lot of pain with little or no gain by sourcing over the channel or from the US, direct. I recently bought a LHD 993 TT from a outfit called Fuches (Porsche Broker) they specialise in German and US imports. They seemed to have a number of good example 993's, I'd recommend having a look at their web-site (& prices) before heading for Germany with a suitcase of your hard earned cash.


PS. - You can't buy a car in Germany with out having plates made up. The dealers normally won't sort this out for you, so you have to do it yourself. Plates can only be registered and made up during normal office hours. So, you can't simply pick-up your new car over a weekend you'll need to be there for at least one day between Mon & Fri.

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Many Thanks

I'll certainly bear all the above in mind.

I've had a look at a few German, Belgian, Dutch & American sites now. and your right there are no cheaper than the ones I've seen advertised on the autotrader website.

My budget is likely to be up to about 23K in May / June this year. Theres a 96 'P' reg on the autotrader site just now, which is a newer car than I anticipated for that price. I was thinking of a 94/95 at best. So it looks promising for later on this year.

On an aside, can anyone advise what I should expect MPG wise from a 993 (ballpark) and are there any reputable
Porsche specialists in the central scotland area for servicing

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get between 16-20 mpg according to the trip computer on mine at the moment

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We used to get 10-12 out of ours :p

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