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ICE vs EVs.


18 Dec 2018
OK, OK, so I keep on keeping on relative to evolutionary processes, YOU are all evolving in relation to your experiences and in the process acquiring new levels of expectation, though some of us to tend to drag our heels somewhat.. (-:

Much of my life has been influenced by the internal combustion engine, and I have devoted a great deal of time to my involvement with them, and the vehicles they power, the the variety mechanical noises they emit as they come to life breathing in air and fuel, creating explosions of sound as they emit fire and fumes.... I just found the ICE mesmerising as a child creating within me a sense of wonder and admiration that still exists in this old man to this very minute. Having returned from an early morning run on my favourite tight twisting "A&B" roads while the majority of folk were still in their beds... There is nothing like a big old ICE, manual gearbox and hardly another soul to be seen, though you have to watch out for the rabbits, enjoying the warmth of the dawn sun... (-:

Yeah I`m totally hooked on the ICE, and preferably one with carbs no cats and induction roar a plenty.... But evolution takes precedence, I have no idea if Climate Change is real or not, but I do not like the idea of spoiling the future for others, and less so given the past enjoyment I have had, I keep an open mind, though given the news over recent years, of forest fires and flooding both here and abroad it seems that there may be an evolution in thinking that could be unfavourable for the ICE..whether justified or not. I guess my hope lies in alternative ICE fuelling for young folk as addicted as am I to all the clanky bits...(-:

Automotive evolution has advanced in leaps and bounds since the introduction of digital electronics and as I suggested at the outset it is likely that your expectations match that which modern Porsches and perhaps your family barge provide, thinking steering correction if it detects lane wandering, auto braking, if you get too close to a car in front, parking assist, rear view camera`s, touch screen operation.... the list goes on and on and on, and it seems the population is getting well used to expecting it...?

Electric cars would seem to be for now at least, the ultimate technological advance in terms of a personal transportation device, and for me that seems more like a computer game, and so very far away from my idea of a raw driving experience of the type that feeds my soul.... Whatever a soul might be..?

Yeah for sure EV`s can have stunning performance as we have seen, tyre smoke a plenty if and when desired, but that sort of waste of energy does little to impress me. Perhaps it was the Top Gear Team who when they had to move to an airfield to jazz things up, started tyre destroying as the next new thing given progress on the roads was ever more being closely monitored, and the amount of vehicles on the road grew exponentially to create jams in formerly quiet stretches of road...? Perhaps drifting was just a logical progression, jeez it even seems to have crept... well not exactly crept..into the FOS at Goodwood ..Just another evolutionary step in the acceptance of evolutionary processes perhaps..?

Gimme an old air cooled any day for a bit of enjoyment, similar in some ways to that I was fortunate to experience this morning... (-:

This chap thinks air cooled provide an analogue driving experience


Perhaps he should try a bit of THIS... :floor:


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