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I 've lost my 'Virginity'


26 Nov 2002
Had a conversation with Henry at 911Virgins today.

Having done some scoping and investigation over the last couple of months, he's got two 993 turbo 4's in so I thought I'd give him a call about the Black LHD. I made the schoolboy error of asking what the mileage was and got both barrels. Actually it was an entertaining conversation and most of what he says made perfect sense. I still didnt get told the mileage though!!. Incidentally, a colleague of mine (yes I've cued him up to join us) is taking delivery of a 97 993 C4S 38k FPSH on saturday that he's bought privately. I mention this only that during his search, he had cause to have a conversation with Henry and said he came across as a 'condescending sod', which I know one or two others on this forum have found. Got him on a good morning I guess. Anyway, if any of you out there have a view on the merits or otherwise on the attached, I'd be pleased to hear them. I'll probably go and have a look next week if its still there.


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I was having a bit of a look at that one this morning (on the website I mean !) - thought it looked v. nice indeed - price doesn't seem outrageous and they really are awesome machines ! Go on Mark, you know you want it ! It's got your name all over it !!!!!!!!

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Looks great!

Just do it!

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It sounds as if it has been very well maintained so you shouldn't have to worry about that...probably fantastic condition too.

Theres a RHD one for a £2k more??

This may be a stupid question, but why shouldn't he tell you the mileage?

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I had a chat with Henry's brother (Tom I think) and I thought he was the most honest person I'd ever met on a car forecourt. This was about a year ago and whilst I'd always admired the 993's, I'd never had the opportunity to study one close up.

Being the type of person I am (suspicious of everyone when it comes to spending money....its a long story but I got shafted financially a few times when I was younger, not hugely, but enough to never let it happen again) I like to research the complete in's and out's of something before I part with my cash. Considering that I offered no comitment to buy a car from Prestige and Performance (and didn't in the end) Tom spent nearly an hour telling us everything about them and what we should look out for when buying one. I've heard and read many times about Henry and he did seem a bit of an arrogant so and so when we briefly spoke to him, but I suppose he's just passionate about the cars and probably gets loads of people and dreamers through his doors every year. I would probably have bought from them in end if they'd had the exact model I wanted, but I found it elsewhere.

Regarding Mileage, I've heard about Henry's view on that too and I probably agree with him. Unless its got proof that its been in storage for years, a low mileage car has been driven round town or for short trips for many of its years and as we all know most engines like nothing better than being blasted up the long open roads.

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I think it's high mileage because it's had new clutch? May just be the previous owner was extremely fastidious, certainly seems to be.

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Henry never tells you the mileage, because all his cars are high milers, thats why he is cheaper than most dealers. If he told you the mileage over the phone you wouldn't come to look, when you do turn up and find that the £32k 993 has 90k on the odometer he can then feed you all his usual BS about condition blah blah blah. Funny though that when you ask to see the history most of his cars don't the usual bills etc because most of his cars come from auction or main dealer network.

I also think that he is condescending git but would prefer a honest opinion even though I don't necessarily agree with him on all points.

That said a conversation with him made me realise that spending over £36k on a low mile C4S was financially a mistake. So I didn't and spent significantly less on my C2. Cheers Henry.

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Yo Poono. I never knew that about them all being high mileage. Their retail price does include everything being fixed up that needs to be...though some cars won't need anything done to them and they'll get an extra £2k just from cleaning the car.

Aren't you glad you made that decision :wink:

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Yeah, I live close by and have seen loads of cars there when looking for a 964 and latterly a 993. Most of his cars are priced at the lower end of dealer prices and he does not spend a penny on them until they are purchased. If you go for the full price he will then get it serviced and touched up and then "stand by it" for 6 months or so. Therefore they all look abit tired and horrible, and its hard to see past the trolley dents, stone chips, paint scratches and dirty interiors. If you only want to spend his millenium bug money then you will be much better off buying privately.

Finally, I agree that mileage is relatively un-important in a well looked after car but when the miles get up past 80k things will need doing.

Jonas from JZ reckons that the 993 engine wears more on the top-end than a 964 its just that it is not as noticeable until strip down. To maintain good power it reckons that after about 90k a top end is really needed.

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So would you buy a high miler albeit in fantastic condition from him?

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Only if super cheap!

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I Don't mean to sound overbearing in my enthusiasm to protect you and your wallet from a forecourt pirahna; However, how can you consider buying a vehicle from anyone who won't answer a perfectly reasonable question , there are loads of great Porsches elsewhere tell him to shove his lame sales tactics and buy elsewhere. Mileage matters unless you can do all the work yourself. The higher the mileage, (unless it's an older porker with loads of bills to prove work has ben done), the more chance there is of imminent problems.

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Wise words Bones (and all of you)

Thanks for your responses, I shall tread warily :?

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I have heard very good reports about Henry. depends on the car you buy. I am sure every dealer has a dog story. It's how they deal with the dog afterwards that is probably the real test.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by poon on 14 September 2003
Henry never tells you the mileage, because all his cars are high milers... Funny though that when you ask to see the history most of his cars don't the usual bills etc because most of his cars come from auction or main dealer network.

An old post I know but I`ve only just discovered it. Now yes, I`m always a little worried by people who hide behind the annonymity of a little Asian girl with gigantic breasts but hey.

All our cars are high mileage. Hmmm let me see, a 930 Turbo cab with 15k miles, a 3.2 supersport cab with 15k miles (and no the mileages aren`t on the site), we don`t want to hide behind numbers, we want to sell each car on it`s own merits and a little number doesn`t always equal a good car.

I am interested as to how Mr Poon discovered the source of our stock. Just for the record I can recall only 2 cars purchased directly from the main dealers in the last 10 years. I can not recall any Porsches purchased from auction in that time.

We are particularly unusual in the motor trade in that virtually all our cars come directly from their private owners. We do not favour buying through the trade because your used car buyer is in effect a scummy car salesman who hasn`t given the car a second look but wants you to offer the largest number possible so he can do the deal and earn his cut.

Wouldn`t normally be so direct and single someone out in public but a liar is a liar.


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