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I need to find a baby seat to fit in the rear of my 997 cab


New member
25 Apr 2013
Can anyone help me...... I have just bought a 997 cabriolet and need to get a baby seat, front facing, for my 18 month old.

From what I have heard not many will fit...... someone has said a Britax babyseat might fit but there are so many models?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
Hi Mate
I have faced the same problem as you, and as of yet can't find 1 for my Turbo s only one to fit on the front seat
Believe it or not, and I know this place sometimes gets a bashing form some members, but, my local Halfords are fantastic for baby seats. Their knowlage on this subject was exellent as well as their fitting service.

But then in places like Halfords it depends who serves you, if your lucky you could get the baby seat trained expert, or you could get the part time weekend student who isnt quite as knowledgeable.

I reckon you'll struggle to find one with a base unit that fits in the rear, but if you settle for the seat alone then I believe the maxi cosi priori or tobi will fit, as should the britax king. Get yourself down to a big Toys r Us or Mothercare (edit: or halfords) and they'll let you try various models to choose one that fits. Make sure you have the passenger seat set as far forward as possible and bolt upright otherwise they argue there is insufficient leg-room for the little one. I'd also recommend removing the rear seat base (attached with velcro) to enable a better fit and avoid damaging your own seat...:thumb:
Thanks guys for some of these tips.

There are some of those baby stores close by so I need to take a trip down there & beg a sales person to let me carry them out to the car & hope one fits.

Chimp911 thanks for the tip also for the seat base to avoid any damage.

Will try to get down there by the weekend & let you know how I get on.
I've been trying to source a seat for my one year old and visited the Kiddicare outlet at Thurrock. Tried loads of seats (they were very good) but none fitted properly.

One of the main issues is that for a non-isofix seat, the seat belt feeds through the seat frame behind the seat that your child sits in. This means that the male part of the buckle is behind the female part that it plugs into when it exits the seat frame - the child seat cannot be secured properly and will twist.

The Maxi-Cosi Tobi was the best as the seat belt routes around the front of the base, unfortunately it is so tall that it dug into the headlining (I have a coupe). It may be worth you trying this to see how it fits your car.

I have been quoted £300 by my local OPC and am planning to pop down next Tuesday after work (assuming they still have one in stock). If you like I can let you know how I get on and post some pics.

Although £300 is a lot in comparison the seat should fit perfectly and if it's kept in good nick you will probably re-coup a reasonable chunk of the investment by selling it on on this forum

Thanks liz111S, the pic of your maxi cosi rodi does indeed look comfy. Hope they still sell it.....

Googlyboy64, yep it's sure a bit tricky so at least as you say I have an OPC to fall back on if I can't get another to work.
The Maxi Cosi Rodi SPS is only suitable for 15kg+, about 4 years old. For 18 months you will need a group 1 car seat. For this I used a Britax Eclipse which fitted in a 996 cab without the seat pad and a rolled up towel at the back to provide added support. Looking back it was quite bulky when compared to the Maxi Cosi Rodi of which i now have two. I know a few on here have mentioned other Britax models which may also fit.

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