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I have an itch to scratch


Well-known member
1 Nov 2009
Once my B&b is sorted I will(should) have some free time.

I ve always (well for a year or two) fancied a GT3

The Aston Martin has gone (beautiful, but crap) and as I am hurtling the 964,around the tracks I cannot but notice GT3s.

So, shall I get a 991(with the devils gearbox) or a 997, or 996?

I'm available to snap up a bargain?

Who is desperate?

Speed yellow would be nice, or ROrO blue or viper green.

Spa, here I come.
Good luck, if your trying to get a bargain GT3, those words are not mentioned in the same sentence lol
Not many 996 GT3 for sale on PH, and the prices, seems, to have risen with the rush of summer. Wait till winter.

What was crap about the AM? Apart from taking a big hit on the sell
Rallyeman said:
Wait till winter.

Sound advice, thanks.

Rallyeman said:
What was crap about the AM? Apart from taking a big hit on the sell

The car was gorgeous to look at, but horrible to drive.

The biggest problem was the Sportshift gearbox and clutch. It would change gear when it felt like it, not when you pulled the paddles.
Autoexpress said:
Manual, auto, sequential, CVT... it's a measure of how complicated the world of cars has become when there are almost as many words to describe a gearbox as there are models available.

Ferrari has its F1 shift, Maserati its Cambiocorsa, Porsche uses Tiptronic S, while Audi has Tiptronic R. And from March, there will be another name to add to the list. Coming courtesy of Aston Martin, we have Sportshift.

Fitted to the V8 Vantage, the new transmission is important because it's a return to the automatic manual system which debuted with the Vanquish.

Although the firm already has a good fully automatic gearbox (found in the DB9), engineers have given the sportier Vantage a two-pedal version of its existing six-speed manual, because they felt it better suited the character of the car. Based around a gearbox from Turin company Graziano and software from fellow Italian firm Magneti Marelli, the transmission is virtually identical to the one used by Ferrari and Maserati.

The V8's paddleshifters are attached to the steering column rather than the wheel, and gearchanges are preset to run in rapid Sport mode, unless you press a button on the dashboard to select the slower Comfort setting. More buttons on the dash select Drive, which is fully automatic, and reverse.

We drove a pre-production car and discovered the system needs some final tweaking before sales start in March. The faster you go and harder you drive, the better it gets, but a slight lift of the throttle is needed for smooth upchanges. An automatic throttle blip makes downshifts easier.

On track, the Sportshift works well, but real world roads show two snags. The change from first to second is hard to execute smoothly, and there's some jerking as the Vantage comes to a stop, because the clutch disengages late. Both will be fixed before sales start.

What about the fully automatic mode? Surely this needs to be smooth and easy to use if the system is to attract buyers used to two-pedal driving?

At the moment, it's hard to make relaxed progress. The Vantage surges forward too much on the upshifts as power is cut suddenly then reinstated, and oddly it's worse in the slower-shifting Comfort mode, because acceleration pauses for longer. You have to be very deft with your throttle foot to smooth the shifts, which means predicting when they will happen – and that's hardly the point of an automatic.

Reverse is annoyingly slow to engage, too, but the 'creep' function, which engages at low speeds, is good for parking and crawling in traffic. But does the system improve the car? It certainly gives the Vantage appeal beyond the standard manual, particularly with drivers who want an F1-style feel and sound to the car's acceleration.

However, as the technology doesn't appear to improve the Aston's perform- ance or fuel economy, taking your pick between the manual and semi-auto systems will be a matter of preference.

And there's one final point to consider. The new system isn't going to be cheap, adding £3,000 to the standard Vantage's £82,800 price tag.

Of course, that extra cost will be reflected in the Aston's residual value when it's time to sell. However, it's a lot of money to spend on something that has no effect on the car's pace.


Aston Martin had to make the V8 Vantage Sportshift because many buyers expect a two-pedal sequential transmission to be available as an option. And when it's fully developed, it should be just as good as Ferrari's latest F1 shift systems. But will it be fully de-bugged by the time it reaches showrooms? At this stage, it's hard to tell
Peters verdict
It wasn't fixed before it hit the showrooms. A pile of pooh and ruined the car.
Glad to see the back of it and relieved to get £40K for it. £102K new March 2009 by the time it was specked with all the options.

(And don't get me started on the Sat Nav, or the keyfobs with Volvo stamped on them.A disgrace.)
.....4x 911's!

You're a model citizen for us all 8)

+1 on wait til winter, should be plenty more in the OPC network but also more at specialist players as well. Last time I checked there were 4 GT3's and 1 RS on the Porsche website. Prices seem to be holding quite well on the existing cars at the moment, but I reckon you should still be able to negotiate a deal especially towards December when OPC agents will be keen to hit their end of year targets

as you have a 996 already id be tempted to go for a 997.1 which are bargains at the mo IMO whereas 996 are becoming incresingly tricky to find one worth buying

stick some passive suspension on it and jobs a good'un

very very fast car though if youre accessing its true capability .... you will need to head to spa or back to Austria to really get that feeling of satisfaction from it
jackal2513 said:
very very fast car though if youre accessing its true capability .... you will need to head to spa or back to Austria to really get that feeling of satisfaction from it

That sounds like a win-win situation to me :thumb:

I look forward to reading the threads about testing / comparing the 996/997/991 versions to see which you prefer.

Are the 991 versions still available for order or have they sold out? I'm not clear on whether or not they are a standard production model or limited run.

Peter, I see you are in Solihull (Strawberryfields reference due to that wine bar that was near the Plume of Feathers perchance?).

I have just traded my 7.1 GT3 comfort spec in at Solihull Porsche - they have up at a healthy high 50's price, but at 12,900 miles and 6 years old, it really is a nice car, worth a look?

No vested interest BTW as I have already traded it against a Cayman, so my deal is done.
:hand: You sure you'll have enough time :dont know: I see you on kitchen duties flipping eggs and then in charge of the vacuum cleaner :grin:

BTW 997 GT3 would be my choice :thumb: Nice private sale one on PH @ £53k
Go and drive one and then do the sleep test, that is can you get to sleep afterwards for thoughts of owning, scheming to buy etc etc.

If you can sleep, buy another AM.

The passive suspension thing on the 997 is really really subjective as the great thing about the 997 is its usability which is a result of the PASM system.

A 997.1 with OPC warranty if poss for middle 50's would be a lot of fun and a very very fast and capable track toy to boot.
Peters in a GT3' god help us all. There be no posing for photos in a 3 while plodding around Oulton :lol:
On the Aston I drove and it was shite really shite.
As for Pete in a gt3 that's fine as long as I get a go :grin:
I like Senojs test :thumb:
BillTheButcher said:


I'm not in a position to buy for a few weeks though.

Also, I'm not a fan of PASM or any of the gizmos.

I like to know its me driving the car, not some Teutinic engineers robotic love child.

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