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HVM, Hendon North London


17 Sep 2003
I tried to find a link but failed.

Anyone got any feedback on the above independent dealer?

They seem excellent but wanted to check before parting with some folding.


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Have fairly mixed feelings about them. I went to test drive a car there before I bought from Autobahn, and got stood up for the drive twice! before deciding to go elsewhere. The guy is a true collector, and he does have lovely cars, but I didn't appreciate the way I was treated. Cars also seemed a bit on the pricey side to me, but you haggle your own deal.

Good luck

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Here is a link to there website

I contacted them about a 993, I think it was a 94L with 72,000 on the clock. They wanted £33,000 for it. Seemed way over priced.

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These guys like to keep pedigree - albeit at a price,

if you intend to keep onto your Porker for long term and don't mind a premium then they do take care of you. A mate bought a '97 C2 S for 10k too much but really appreciated the after sale service - I hope his wife didn't find out ;-)

I guess they're all obnoxious when dealing with large sums - trying to decipher the real buyers I guess.

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Wouldn't trust them! Live in Scotland & agreed over the phone to buy a car from them - only to get a call later that day & be told that apparently someone had already put a deposit on the car. Although he did say that he thought that "the finance of this guy" would fall through! Assured me that he would call to let me know after the weekend (this was Thursday evening)

Something didn't seem quite right so in the meantime I got a mate to call & enquire about the car -> response he received was "oh yes, car is for sale - why don't you come and see it" (for about £3000 more than we had already agreed).

An hour or so after this, I called back to ask if the guy's finance had indeed fallen through? "no, in actual fact, he's increased his deposit - he really wants the car! I'll call you at the start of next week". Yeah right...

When I agreed to buy the car we had arrived at a pretty good deal (subject to seeing full history) & I can only think he wanted to see if he could get more for the car, or I must have been asking too many questions (imagine wanting to know how many mm's where left on the brakes...!)

Wouldn't deal with them - arrogant & untrustworthy. But that's just my opinion.

Rant over...

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Have seen it from the outside, looks like a one man bandit... been there for a while but who knows how much longer???

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they responded to a private ad I put in the sunday times for my C4s cab that i was selling. They told me they had a buyer for the car and asked me to take it to their showrooms. When I got to to the showroom they suggested i went for a coffee whilst they looked over the car. I went back an hour later, they told me thier buyer had seen it and was willing to pay my price (£69,950) we negotiated a slightly reduced figure to cover their introduction.

I came back home with the car whilst finance was to be arranged for the purchaser, I got a call a few days later from them wanting the car back - the were not able to arrnge finance unless the car was kept at their shrowroom. I was expected to leave the car, keys and paperwork with them while finace was arranged and this could take up to 10 days! Iwas to be givern a sale or return agreement but when I asked for a deposit they said they do not pay them!

Feeling uneasy about this I did a little research. It appears they have been working a scam for approx 40 years whereas they answer private ads in this way, the buyer does not exisit and the sale or return agreement is worded in a way that if the sale does not proceed within 28 days the car becomes the legal property of Hendon Way Motors. The true owner is not entitled to any money or the return of the car.

I said I was only prepaired to sell the car throgh their buisness if i was paid as I handed the car to them only to be told that is not how they work. They became agressive in their manor and I called the deal off.

I understand that no body has sucessfully sued them as the sale or return agreement is watertight and as it is a legal Document the police have no power to prosicute.

Do not be taken in by their very nice showrooms - ask yourself a question when you are there " how many of these cars are here on sale or return?"

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Wow thats interesting! How do they manage to word a sale or return agreement into a 'a sale or we keep it agrrement'?? I looked at a car at Hendon Way too but they were asking a little more than I could afford.

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Hmm. VERY interesting. I called in there when I was searching and researching. Prices were (very) high.

I drove past several times when trying to find the place. I was expecting premises to match their (website) stocklist. Loadsa 993s on the website. The pokey showroom has a Ferrari 360 plus a 996 - and that was it. Didn't take to the sales guy that well either.

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There are enough dealers out there with great reputations that you don't need to deal with anyone who appears to have a 'history'.

They're an especially funny lot because they don't quote prices on their ads/site.

HWM do have a right to reply though- and I'd be very interested to hear their response to Grant's and Scott's post.

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Last year I sold my car through them and they pulled the same scam onme about having a buyer and all that was needed was for the finance to be placed.

I only sold my car to thme in the end because I needed the money quickly.

Very dodgy outfit and more spill from the salesman/owner than I care to add.

Keep well away from them and choose to buy from a more recognised out fit.

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There seems to be a pattern developing here...

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one things for sure...........i aint gonna be looking for a 911 from them..............just shows that even with them constantly advertising in Autocar magazine.......they appear to be dodgy

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ever noticed that they never advertise prices, either in the ads or on their website

seems a bit strange in london, 911 virgin wont tell you the mileage, hendon way dont tell you the price

perhaps i should move i tell you the mileage price, give it a main dealer service and a 111 point inspection, plus a porsche warranty

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Interesting, because they always seem to have some nice low mileage cars on their website; must be from all those rich ladies who lunch in Hampstead.

Just thinking though; this thread might get Phil into trouble. Perhaps we ought to be careful about what is written on this subject.

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