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HT Leads location 996

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23 May 2007
Old forum user Unidentified(11139) wrote:

Am I being stupid or are the HT leads on my 996 invisible? I can't see them anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction because i think they are the cause of my missfire and need replacing. Also, are they the coil type like on new Audi's?

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Old forum user Unidentified(11139) wrote:

Ignore my stupidity, i've found them but they were hidden well away tucked behind a heat shield behind each exhaust silencer. Once the heat shiled was off I decided not to continue as they look almost impossible to get at so i'll take it to my local specialist for them to replace.

Does anyone know of any specialists in the Wrexham area?

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the engine is nothing like an audi, so a misfire needs looking at


although there must be a knocking around your surrounding areas

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Old forum user Unidentified(11139) wrote:

thanks again, i have to agree with you about the engine being nothing like an Audi, however they do use simmilar coil plugs which are prone to failure due to heat. A simple fix though I will of course let the pro's do it as it could easily be something else.

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