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How to remove steering wheel


7 Mar 2003
Hi all

I need to get my steering wheel re-stitched and have found a local company to do it.

But they want me to take the steering wheel in on its own.

Any ideas on how to remove it? And perhaps more importantly how to get it back on again afterwards!

Its a 1988 standard 4 spoke non-airbag wheel.



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I've not actually done it myself - but the theory goes ..........

The horn button in the centre of the wheel will (with a bit of careful persuasion) come off just by pulling it. This should expose the large nut that attaches the wheel to the spline at the end of the steering column. You'll need a big socket on the nut and a willing assistant to hold the wheel steady while you loosen the nut. Don't be tempted to use the full lock point to lever against as you risk trashing the steering rack ! With the nut off, the wheel should just pull straight off.

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Thanks Jamie. I will have a go at the weekend and let you know if your theory is correct. Makes sense, and the centre of the wheel does feel as if it wants to pull out....


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I did this recently, that is the basic theory but I encountered a problem actually getting the socket onto the nut. (Cars an 88 LHD Coupe by the way)

The nut was either a 27 or 28mm, can't remember which off the top of my head, and the metal work of the steering wheel actually came across the top of the recess/steering wheels boss, making the opening flat toppped rather than completely round. Hence the large socket wouldn't actually fit in the opening let alone over the nut.

I had to bend the metal with a monkey wrench (yee ha!), to open it up a bit. Hopefully it'll bend back into shape if I ever replace the original wheel.

Interesting fact: the wheel had a VW logo on it!

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un hook battery first to prevent horn going off! negative first think about it?

yea if it has one just bend the keep metal back to get socket on and away you go

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