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How to remove/refit coupe rear seatbelts?

Space Cadet

20 Jan 2022
Hi, I've recently removed my front belts, had them re-webbed in guards-red and obviously re-fitted them - I now fancy doing the rears....

Have tried to find guides on the web but can't find one anywhere, there are videos of how to hide the buckles up behind the c-pillar trims but not how to remove the belts completely.

How please do I get to the 'winder" part of the seatbelt??

Are there any guides out there that I've missed??

It is behind the rear quarter trim panels. Just remove the carpets and panels and you can get to it. Not a hard job but access is a bit awkward.

Did you manage to do this? I have just refitted my rewebbed rear belts this evening.

Have refitted the smaller of the two rear cards / panels (one the belts feed through) on both sides but have the larger ones to do now. Just wondering how fiddly a job this is going to be? I'm expected these may be a bit more difficult to manipulate back into place
Nope not done it yet, am just finishing a hifi installation project which I expected to complete about a week ago (hopefully will finish it tomorrow!) and then the next project are the rear belts....
Ok I did this today.

For the most part it was very straight forward once I worked out where each piece was meant to go.

The only bit I had problems with was right by the door opening / rubber seal. It just doesn't seem to fit snug. There is a clip which appears to connect the panel to the B-pillar but I just can't see what it connects to. It's seems to clip upwards into the B-pillar trim but I couldn't manoeuvre it in a way where it snapped in.

Other than that it was all pretty simple.

Certainly you will need to remove both rear panels in order to obtain easy access to all the necessary bolts for the rear belts. If you can get your fingers in behind, most of the clips will just pop out. Remove big panel first then the smaller one. Reverse when refitting.
If you can post a picture of your issue i'll have an idea .. i think you mean the metal upwards bracket closest to the front of the car on ther B pillar ..

The B pillar trim goes over it and pushes down .. you then push the top part in and a phillips screw to hold it in place .

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