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How to post pictures


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2 Dec 2002
Everybody has trouble with this(including myself sometimes), so here is how to post pictures:

-The picture MUST be hosted online. If you do not have a server then email pics to me at magical_moony(at)msn(dot)com, and I will host them for you.

-If the picture is hosted online, then you need to copy/cut the URL address(right click--->properties--->Address)

-Next to the smilies button is this window is a tree icon. Click on this, then paste the address in here.

-You should have a lovely picture!

Hope this helps.

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noony, just read this (catching up on topics from when i was on hol).

just a small point, when i post pics on to a topic, i upload them using 'Up' icon on left rather than add an image using tree icon next to smilie.

just mention it because i don't have to have the image hosted online(i don't have internet facing server :( ) and don't have to email you the image as i presume the upload icon saves it on your server anyway....?

Anyway, not sure if i am doing things wrong, but seems to work... :)

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Whoops - what I meant to say is the Up button (which is by far the easiest way of posting pics) seems to be blocked by some firewalls (I use Zonelabs).

Currently if I want to post a pic I turn the firewall off - not ideal!

There must be away of allowing activeX controls (or what ever is special about the upload button) from named site to be downloaded through a firewall.

Anyone know how ??

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vlad, email me anything you want to post and I'll be happy to stick it up for you

I'll try and kick Admin into shape to sort out the webby stuff !


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vlad - the up button opens another window. DO you get that window or is it just the window being blocked (ie like a popup).

If it is being blocked, you may be able to add 911uk to you list of trusted sites. Only guessing though.

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I don't see the up button at all (only when I turn the firewall off) - having a play around now adding 911uk to my trusted sites to see if that helps

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