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how to buy a Boxster 2.7


New member
18 Jun 2003

looking to buy a Porsche Boxster 2.7 need advice.

1.find a £25000 second hand 2.7 RHD year 2000


2.Import new 2.7 RHD(were is a good place to import from)what is the basic spec I would need leather,air etc

keeping it for 3 years pound for pound which is the better choice and will lose me less money?

Cheers Neil

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Hello and welcome Neil.

I am not sure about the economics of buying 2nd hand versus importing but as far as spec goes the basic requirements are:

1. Bigger wheels 2. Leather 3. Aircon

After that you have the "nice to haves": Porsche sounds upgrade etc.

Cheers, James

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Wait till October/November!

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Don't do either. Buy a 993 instead :)

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Exactly. Faster and better looking...a 2.7 at 25k will have about the same mileage as a 993 at 25k too.

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But for mere mortals, 911 running costs scare me s**tless.....

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I'm a mere mortal and bought a 993, and you know what? I don't think I care really! We only live once and you don't get your youth back!!


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Buying a boxster.

1/ If you buy a nice used 2.7 now - you can enjoy it right away.

2/ If you want an import only consider a car that is physical-that you can touch. don't do deposits on cars on their way.

3/ Buy what you like and enjoy it. Boxsters are good cars and sellwell secondhand. Both used or import will depreciate, we all know that, just buy a good one and enjoy.


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