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How she got to 141k and counting.....


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20 Jul 2010
Been meaning to do this for my own interest but I'm sure one or two others may find it interesting how a long legger got there.....
Delivered on 16/4/00 with 26 miles on the clock to Merlin Cambria Pendragon Motor Group Cardiff.
By 9/11/00 12429 on the clock and 1st service.
By 14/3/01 23300! major service
By 19/9/01 35839! Minor
Before its second bday 6/3/02 44017! Major
At 23/9/02 53148! Minor
All above at Carrs Porsche Exeter
By 14/4/03 she'd moved North and had a service at Wilmslow on 66828
On 29/6/04 she was purchased for just under £35k with 68896 from a dealer in Macclesfield.
Hartech took on the car...
17/12/04 leather was reconditioned and mirrors painted
11/3/05 service at 77547
8/9/05 service at 83068 plus expansion tank cap, gearbox gasket, discs/pads
18/1/06 87080 new window regulator
21/3/06 89442 service
10/7/06 new expansion tank
23/8/06 93639 service, coil packs, poly belt
28/2/07 98758 service, fix misfire
29/5/07 101069 new air condenser/dryer/pipes/regas
21/6/07 101639 service and track control arms
27/2/08 108891 service discs/pads
8/7/08 113006 service and air con service
29/5/09 120193 service, air con service, poly belt, replace RMS
27/8/09 120264 service, new outer rads, air con condenser, new alternator
14/5/10 120664 service
22/9/10 121315 service
23/11/10 121864 new coil packs, fork arms
13/12/10 122454 new water pump
7/5/11 127580 service, door lock membrane
28/9/11 133099 service
22/12/11 gear box pipes, new RMS, bore seals, cam seals, scav pump seals, poly rib belt, exhaust silencers and all bolts/brackets
12/3/12 136700 service discs/pads
26/9/12 140256 48k major, new brake lines, track control arm

There it is, not exhaustive, loads of ancillary bits along the way too, no receipts from Exeter so not sure on parts required outside of service in the early days.
Previous owner told me that bores were checked before he purchased the car, it starts with 5 bar and drops to 1.5 when pushing on, no smoke (touch wood), starts first click, no throttle.
Theres a lot of tyre receipts between 6-10k was previous owners opinion on rears. He favoured Pirellis.
I'd love to chat to the purchaser to find out how/where he managed to clock up 50k in two years :what: obviously enjoying himself!

As it's on a maintenance plan it has been perhaps OVER serviced to some when mileage slowed right down but it's not done it harm, (touch wood again!) and the maintenance plan gives labour warranty too so some peace of mind.

Obviously what my cars endured, been treated to and needed does not necessarily reflect on the needs of other peoples cars as each one is different but I find the history of well travelled cars interesting and maybe it will be of use/interest to some others as an example of what may or may not lie ahead.... :)

Great post!

Lot's of useful info.

Nice post Dave, have you had the car from new? Or at what stage did the car become yours?

Regarding the service intervals, I couldn't go 18 onths or 2 years myself without at least a decent once over and oil & filter change (plus air filter). I just wouldn't feel the car was being looked after if the oil wasn't looked at for 2 years, even if the mileage is low.

Its great to see history and provenance on a car, especially as a buyer :)
Igurisu said:
Nice post Dave, have you had the car from new? Or at what stage did the car become yours?

Its great to see history and provenance on a car, especially as a buyer :)

I bought her with 139k on her last August, the above was a big factor in the purchase.
I've since spent on stainless exhaust even though original was newish, paid for the major service and to join the maintenance plan, plus wheels and rear tyres this week, plus new key head and bits and bobs, even a well serviced car will spend your money, hot cars like hot women don't come cheap.... 8)

Porsche News said:
looking good Dave

Merlin Cambria the OPC of days gone by with strange delivery specs

Great post... I was living 20 paces behind Merlin Cambria when your car was delivered! They were a Porsche and Ducati dealership then (now Stratstone Aston Martin) and every morning I was greeted with a dawn corus of falt six and V-Twin! Great apart from when I had a hang over!

Chris Denning of Chris Denning Sports cars in Cardiff (Specialist Porsche indie) was their chief mechanic. I suppose its possibe he might have known the owner if it was a memorable car? Long shot but...http://www.chrisdenningsportscars.co.uk

Here's to a few more trouble free miles!

Thanks Dave, I love stuff like that, you may have walked past it when it was worth a nice 3 bed semi! I have the original owners details if he's still in Cornwall? Ill right to him when I get round to it, send him a picture when she's got her original rims back on at the weekend...

Nice one Dave :thumb:

It really shows how great these cars can be if they've been looked after properly from the start. I'm sure that yours will carry on giving you as good a service as it obviously has to its previous owners.

As someone who used to put 80k on new cars every 2.5 years I can fully understand how that sort of mileage was racked up. The difference was that my 405, 406D and 318 were pretty much sha**ed by then.

Enjoy your time haeding for the 150K :thumbs:
nice documented history.

Just curious, 2 RMS's in about 2yrs?
humps said:
nice documented history.

Just curious, 2 RMS's in about 2yrs?

At the time the second was done various other seals were being done, theyre inexpensive so perhaps it made sense to do it again....

Didn't see a clutch in that lot. Surely you are not on its original?
Surfrider said:
Didn't see a clutch in that lot. Surely you are not on its original?
Maybe Dave's car only has GO & STOP pedals. :roll:
I love keeping higher mileage cars on the road. There are so many good cars that get discounted because they have over 100k when in fact they can be better than low mileage garage queens.

In my time I've bought 3 cars with over 100k on at the time of purchase. None of the cars ever caused me a problem, and one had 220k on when I let it go, that was only due to a company car I got. OK it wasn't a Porsche, it was a Citroen XM, but a great big luxury bus that I paid 2.5k for due to the high miles (and severe depreciation of big french cars) and ran for 4 years at 30k a year including many tours around Europe.

Keep up the good work Dave :thumb:
Cheers Pete, I'm the same with GOOD high milers, like the provenance, I bought a sub uk turbo in 2003 with 92k on it at 3 years old! £8k below book, it had been a company directors car full sub history, new Pirellis every 10k as new! I put 10k on it at weekends and lost a grand when I sold her to start my business! Never missed a beat. Bizzarly a couple of years ago my sat nav took me to a wrong address and guess what was up the path? My old scooby! I almost knocked and offered to buy it but there was no room up the drive so waved good bye again.....


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