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How flat is ''flat'' for measuring oil level?!


7 Nov 2021
I've been doing some bits & pieces on the 997 while waiting on diagnostic reader to arrive (see airbag light thread!)

Recently I've inherited a different parking spot with a slight slant - driver side a little lower than passenger. I even took a spirit level out - bubble is about half over the line.

Checking the oil it says it is low - previously it was flirting between the minimum and 1 big bar full.

Is it worth popping 400ml in? Or take a reading somewhere else?

As it's saying it's possibly low I don't want to drive it for the sake of it, plus with the air bag light on I want to minimise mileage.

How disastrous is a slight over filling?!
Just park your car the other way around (180 degress) and check it again.
Alex said:
Just park your car the other way around (180 degress) and check it again.

Sounds obvious when you say it like that :D

Did this and readout was two bars (so one down from maximum). Last night (facing/tilting the other way) it was flashing the bottom bar.

Reasonable to leave it, or would you be topping up?

Digital dipsticks - not great!
Top up.

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