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How far would you go ?


New member
21 Jan 2003
Just thought I would ask everyone how far they would be prepared to travel for the 'right' car?

I have found a 964 on the Internet thats fits every criteria Im looking for. This is the first one to match exactly in 4 months worth of scouring the net. Only problem is its in Edinbourgh and Im in Brimingham.

I think I would be prepared to travel up there, maybe get a cheap flight? But I want a pre-purchase inspection done by a pro.

I have thought about calling the dealer and asking him to meet me at a porsche specailist some where half way between us. Do you think he would go for this and if so can anyone recommend someone to do an inspection somewhere between Birmingham and Endinbourgh?

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i got my 993 from a chap in Edinburgh, spent time on the phone with him, he mailed me some pics, I spoke to the PO and then flew up on easyjet and drove back.

I am in London

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I drove a 500 mile round trip to look at 3 possible cars in a day. The plan was not to buy any of them on the day, but two were very good and I went back and bought one of them the following week.


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I have been looking for a 911 for some time, the other Sunday I took a 700 mile round trip from Kings Lynn Norfolk all the way down to Brixham Devon, 5 hours each way. I must add I spent time on the phone but often the sellers idea of imaculate is clouded by the need to sell in this case it was so far off imaculate it was unbelievable, the car should have been discribed as tatty with some rust odd bit missing and some bits broken. After all that the only way to be sure is to go look. I could have got there to find the car was perfect for me. Its only miles and time go for it.

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When I sold my 3.2 carrera the guy who bought it came over from athens having seen it advertised on this site. I also travelled to Glasgow from London to get my 993..depends on the rarity of the car i think

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One option is to try to find someone who can look at it for you e.g. someone off this site. They can have a quick butcher's and see if it matches the description you have been given. if so you can then make the trip up or just get the owner to take it to a reputable specialist to have a PPI done - personally I wouldn't buy a 911 without a PPI anyway, and when it comes down to it I am going to buy the car on the basis of the inspection not on the basis of my kicking the tyres. So I would save yourself a journey and get it inspected by a specialist. If it then checks out, make an offer subject to you seeing it in person, pop up and hopefully come away with the car.

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I flew from Faro to dusseldorf and then drove for another hour to view a car described as unmarked no oil leaks and like new. Guess what, it leaked oil, but its not dripping on the floor was the reply. Also it was fairly visible that paintwork had been done and the front end was full of stone chips and the interior was well worn.

ok flights are silly cheap but it was a waste of time. Remember it does not matter how far you go, if you are unsure, walk away, theres always another one.

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