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How does the PCCM+ receive DAB stations...?

Space Cadet

20 Jan 2022
Hi, have just fitted a Pioneer double-din head-unit and also a 'stick onto the windscreen' DAB aerial, only issue is the DAB aerial a) looks crap and also the reception is really poor.

Long story short I've just had a new windscreen fitted that came with the in-built FM aerial and the reception is really good!

So my thoughts are using the FM aerial also for DAB and purchasing one of those splitters....

So my question please is how do Porsche get around the issue when they retrofit the PCCM+ units? I can't see from the kit contents photos that they use a separate DAB aerial (could be wrong) so do they hide one somewhere or do they also use a splitter??

Has anyone used with any success a splitter?

They use a splitter in conjunction with an amplifier bypass for the original FM antenna. I've found it to give very good reception.
Thanks, do you please happen to know if it available to purchase separately...?
The part number is 996.642.574.00 if I've understood correctly? This hides behind the A-pillar on drivers side
Thanks all and especially for the guide which is really helpfull!

Seems that if I fit an aftermarket DAB/FM splitter that because the OEM FM aerial is amplified (little box behind A-pillar) that this cuts out the DAB frequencies. I think.

So the PCCM+ kit comes with a bypass for said amplifier.

Will see if I can order the bypass and splitter direct from Porsche...
Thanks, I feel fairly sure I would've seen it if I had it, but where exactly should it be? Underneath the carpet, behind the glove box etc etc...

There is a foam piece below the glove box which you remove then look under the carpet to the left of glove box
Ok thanks, will look over the weekend. Have ordered the 2 non-Diversity parts needed, worst-case if I do have the Diversity box then I can change the order to the Diversity parts needed.
I thought all newer 996s had diversity aerials, including all 4Ss. I seem to recall DeMort posting a wiring diagram over on another PCCM related thread.
Space Cadet said:
Hi, have just fitted a Pioneer double-din head-unit and also a 'stick onto the windscreen' DAB aerial, only issue is the DAB aerial a) looks crap and also the reception is really poor.


Just quickly on this, did you set the Pioneer to output powered or non powered when you first installed it. That makes a huge difference to reception.

And was it an aerial with a ground? If so you do need to attach that to the chassis, so a dremel or file to remove some paint on the a pillar to ground it properly.
Thanks both, will take a look asap. Have been through all the settings and didn't see one for 'output powered" or anything similar. Will take another look though.

Now I'm going down the PCCM dab/fm aerial route I'm not too bothered about the old (recently fitted) dab aerial as the goal is to remove it anyway....
So - I've had a good search around in the passenger footwell (pulled the foam panel down and looked behind the carpet on the door hinge side, also looked under the center console behind the removable trims) and I couldn't see anything that looked like the Diversity box or any grey/pink plugs.

So I'm airing towards thinking I don't have Diversity! This is also backed up by having seen the aerial amplifier behind the a-pillar trim and it definitely looks like the non-Diversity amplifier (as shown in the very useful guide provided).

I've had a look at the original OEM stereo (which the PO left in the car) and its a CDR23 - would this make any difference...???

I had a good read of the Pioneer manual (and in the end phoned Pioneer!) - and there are no settings to change regarding powering the DAB aerial. So I need an Active aerial (i.e one that has a separate 12V supply). The aerial I've already fitted is a passive type because I was lead to believe it would receive its power through the head-unit. So at least I now know why I'm not picking up many DAB stations! This will all hopefully be resolved though once I fit the Porsche PCCM+ FM/DAB splitter and amplifier bypass.....


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