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hotel day 5


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21 Jan 2009
Sunday 9

ok, tricky one this .. who wasthe best at hotels last year


needs to be researched

a good start might be here:


you cant drive to near the centre as you need a permit

what does everyone think ? i reckon a half decent hotel might be nice in florence as it woiill be befitting of the stopover

whatever we choose, we need to carefully work out how we are going to get into the city centre ... personally don't want to do an 'annecy' again !
jackal2513 said:
im onto this MOFO

We are not teenagers, do you speak English?

LOL - I'm not down with the kidz but I think he's trying to say he's on the Florence hotel selection like a tramp on chips :boogie:
emailed about 7 hotels right in da middle of da fOOkin Cathedral !!!!
ok there are hotels right in the centre with parking but traffic might be a nightmare

i have gfound aplace outisde which is highly rated in tripadvisor and fairly large

we can get there veyr easily sunday before lunch and then all get cabs into florence for the afternoon/night

what do you reckon ?

"With reference to your request we are very pleased to reserve you seven double-bedded rooms for single occupancy, each room with bath or shower and without terrace overlooking Firenze, with buffet breakfast at the rate of Euro 100,00 for each room for one person, daily, service and taxes included, plus the City tax, that should be paid in cash, of Euro 4,00 per person, per day; in June 9th., out June 10th., for one night."


Looks alright, but why only 7 rooms... :?:

When I was last there I stayed at Hotel Alessandra which I thought was very nice and crucially is right in the centre:


I was able to park in an underground garage http://www.garagepontevecchio.it/ a short walk away on the other side of the river which I recall was ok (across the Ponto Vecchio :grin:) - but I was in a fiat 500 so I'm not sure if the porkers may find it a bit more difficult getting in and out...
been offered rooms here for similar money:


wonderful looking place and overlooking the goddam cathedral !

parking though will be 35-45E PER DAY
and we will also need to get a ZTL permit
and it could take an age to get right into the heart of the city
the place is not designed for cars at all
teh thought of all that just sounds really stressful so i was thinking get somewhere quite lareg outside the city then travel in

FWIW its only a 20 minute walk to the centre from that first hotel
I trust your judgement on this - I edited my previous reply with details of the carpark I used last time - if memory serves as long as you have a reservation with a hotel in the centre then you won't incur any unwanted drive through penalties... http://www.garagepontevecchio.it/

...although it is probably too small to fit all 8 of us in...
Villa Belvedere, get it booked.

Cities and cars don't mix, it will add an hour to our journey and the same the next morning. I need that hour for sleeping!

Only 7 rooms though, which one of us have you been eyeing up? Why not get 8, and just sneak into the other room, to keep up the pretence.


Mind you, at £100 per room, maybe it is time we got slightly more sociable. It is our third tour, after all.

Taxis into town, job done.

I like the "City tax, paid in cash, to the man in the dark suit and the moustache, and the violin case"

Nice find, in with a chance when the voting is counted.

Yes it isn't that far a walk from there and avoids all the parking hassle so let's get it booked...:thumb:
they shoudl have 8 rooms .. it was just a typo on my behalf
jackal2513 said:
they shoudl have 8 rooms .. it was just a typo on my behalf

Yeh, sure, that was what Lord Rennard claimed too.

You have been a busy boy, doing this, moving house, and shopping for kettles.

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