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Hot starting problem

21 Jun 2003
Hi forum,

My 993 has developed an annoying 'hot starting' problem. Basically, when after a few short runs I want to start the car, it simply wont fire up. The starter motor turns over OK but no vrooooom.....

Normal, 'cold' starting is no problem.

2 months ago, it had a major service and last month I used injector cleaner.

Help please.....

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latest.....car now sort of died on me whilst pulling away from the drive. First gear fine, then second and it felt like fuel starvation.....lights came on , had to re-start, did it again and then was fine. I then went on the motorway and had no problems. I reckon Bosch Hammer diagnostic will tell me more.........but I'd like some help.....

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I had exactly the same problem with a 996 and it was the air flow sensor.

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Air flow sensor is a straight forward parts swop, don't know about the 993 but the 996 and Boxster will report this fault in the fault log if the airflow sensor goes wrong. Normally when they go they get worse quickly and render the car undrivable as the engine won't run.

Sounds more likely to be either the fuel pump or the pressure regulator to me. Any OPC or independent should be able to tell you instantly (up to you if you get them to repair it once you know what it is).

Paul D (Just sold the GT3)

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Is there an easy way for me to check if it is the air flow sensor? Being no good with spanners and such, where do I find this sensor in the engine bay?

In this months issue of 911 world, I saw a query on this subject for an older 911. Rusty connections were mentioned.....could this be the cse with a 993?


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I think an airflow sensor is not something I would mess with if I was not good with spanners....

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OK, got the MAF replaced and the DME just in case.

The car is running fine now but.......hot starting still an issue.

After running it, switch the engine off, it takes a few attempts before it fires up again.......and only after some alarming clicking noises from the engine bay.

Has anyone had anything similar with their 993?


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I read somewhere that low fuel line pressure may be a cause.

i.e., if you have a leak of fuel or air somewhere in the fuel system, the car will be OK to start when it's cold, because it pressurises the system.

If it's hot, it thinks there will be enough pressure, so it doesn't pressurise. But, if you have a leak, there'll not be enough pressure - hence no start!

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Clicking noises can happen if there's not enough charge in the battery to wake up starter motor - thought not sure why yours would decide to work after a few attempts...maybe loose connection to battery???

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Phone Ray Northway near Reading 0118 971 4333 or any other local Porsche specialist maintainer - they usually can answer these questions in five minutes. Its not worth messing about and buying parts you dont need - or cocking it up through inexperience.

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