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Horn beep's twice when opening


New member
27 Aug 2003
Just recently purchased 3.4 996 C2 Cab done 36000mls. Well chuffed!!

Having lived with it for a couple of days I think I may have a couple of problems. I would be grateful for some information.

Horn beeps twice about two seconds after opening if the car has been left a while. Maybe a sensor problem anybody had similar or any info.

Secondly air conditioning isn't getting down to temp. How much to expect for gassing.

Thanks for the help.

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Dear Sir,

I have just bought a 996 Carrera 4 Cab, and it has also just started doing this.

It was one beep and now has developped to two. with one beep the car actually locked but with 2 doesn't lock. I think it is something to do with the sensors or catches, but am not certain.

Did you find a solution ?

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Well chaps, this must be catching.

I have a '01 996 C4. It too started to double beep on locking. This can be one of 2 things. Either :-

A) Something is not closed properly. This can include the centre console arm rest/ cover.


B) There is a fault with the sensors within the cabin. If it's this, try pushing the lock button twice, about half a second apart. This will overide the interior sensors. It works on mine.

Re aircon, I had mine re gassed and then tested in early June. It cost me £65 inc vat. I think this is pretty much the going rate. Took about an hour all in all. It's worth asking yourself why it needs re-gassing. If the aircon is used on a regular basis, the seals in the pump will harden and start to let by. The gas than escapes. Or you could have a leak from a joint/union.

Get the person who re-gasses it to put some UV dye in there. If it leaks out again, you can use a UV lamp to help locate the leak.

Good luck!

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Thank You very much for that. At least I can now get the car locked using your method of pressing the button twice. As a permanent solution, do I need to get the sensors replaced ?

Thanks again.

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Yep, I had this problem, took it to Autobahn and they replaced the door switch on the passengers side - sorted.

'99 996 C4 tip (for sale)

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I've had the one beep on locking problem for a while but it is intermittant. I bought the car from Autobahn so I'll mention it when it goes for a service.

Many thanks

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Double beeping sounds as if one of the door locks is faulty - Get the OPC to check the Alarm system fault memory and it will give them some indication of the problem but will not necessarily identify the side - it is a 50 percent chance either way (drivers or passenger side lock). lock will cost around £350 plus 1 hour labour

good luck

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