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Hope she's here before Xmas!


23 May 2003
Ok guys - I went and did it, no more procrastination - I finally found the 993 I was meant to have. Midnight Blue, 993 C4, 26000 miles, 1995/N Varioram, Marble Leather Sports Seats with Carbon Backs. Deposit is on it, both the Scooby and Ghia are up for sale and my dream is almost here. It's the same car that I test drove 3 weeks ago at Paragon and missed out on by a whisker whilst I was test driving another 993. Apparently the owner has slipped a disc in his back and can't drive for a year at least - poor *****; so I got 1st refusal and this time didn't hold back!!

Got a personalised plate too - C4 SAP - Xmas is definitely coming!!!

I'll post piccies when I get her home........

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congratulations-it's been a long time coming!

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26000 miles in 9 years.. !!

what's the guy been doing driving it in reverse !

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Sounds like a nice car. Hope you're going to drive it like it's meant to be! :D

Any plans for up-grades yet?

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I wanted low miles and previous owner kept it in a dehumidfied garage and only drove it on dry, sunny days - not many of them in the UK!

Upgrades as follows: Xenon HID lights and a K&N Performance Air filter arrive on Friday from Nienmeister, I ordered a pair of clear side repeaters too - think the standard orange ones spoil the look on the clear lenses on the front and red lenses on the back. I'll be looking at RSR mufflers in the New Year and perhaps a front strut brace? Has the Harmonics pack so drilled air box anyhow so should get that nice roar at 4000rpm!

Oops almost forgot - got a 911uk.com sticker coming too!!! :D

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strut brace is a must.. sharpens up the front end..

although to a less extent on a C4 (due to it's 4wd nature) than a C2 but still very needed !

xenons.. that's the holy grail of 993 !

that mileage story is the opposite to my owner experience.. I drive my 993 everywhere.. cause I'm lovin' it !! result = miles are racking up and with the weather this time of year = VVV dirty .. but lovin' it !

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Pixelation - you selling a Karmann Ghia? Can i get some details?

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Warren - check out my website:
The ghia is customised to look like a 911, also has 911 turbo electric seats. I have a bloke coming to see her on the 19th Dec who's been interested for a while. Mail me if you are interested?

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Nice spec!

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love the Ghia, what is under the hood? anything special?

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Pix - very nice ride - takes me back to my early days in the Cal- look scene - late 80's. I used to wander around dreaming about owning a 911 - Congratulations on the purchase.

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It's a 1776cc blueprinted block 90.5 Mahle pistons/barrels with a 69mm crank - it's been clearanced for a 82mm crank if I wanted to upgrade. Mostly based on Gene Berg internals, Engle 110 cam, larger valves etc. Engine was built by Wolfsburg Performance Services and 1776cc is quick enough for me - dyno'd at 120bhp!!! The amount of money I ploughed in to her is the same as what I've just spent on the 993 but after 7 beetles, a fastback and a squareback in the family, the ghia was the ultimate air-cooled VW and £35k over 7 years isn't the same as in one hit - will be sorry to see her go though!

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nice spec, what carbs is it running?

I built a cal look bug in my teens (late), lowered, polished Fuchs etc, engine was an 1841cc lump, engle cam 041 heads, twin dellortos, sub 15 sec quarter mile, ended up selling the engine and car separately.

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Running twin 40's (Dell'Ortos) - always wanted Twin 44 webers but the engine builders reckoned they're best for drag strip. Guess a Porsche 911 is the next stage up in the air-cooled community from all my V-dubs!

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I agree - when i had my Cal look bug, all we talked about was owning a 911 - when i got my 3.2 Carrera my first thought when i drove it was - this seems familiar.........those pedals..............that heating........

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