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Hit and Run - Need advise


New member
25 Aug 2005
Hey all

My first post but its not my happiest post :(

2 weeks ago someone hit my car while it was parked up. I was in Blockbusters at the time checking out new dvd's when some git apparently reversed into my front side wing/alloy. In his c**tish wisdom he then decided to zoom which my bumper quickly followed. End result was my bumper ripped off, side wing damaged and front alloy.Luckily there were loads of witnesses who managed to get the c**ts number plate. So the current situation is that I know have a crime reference number as the guy (got a description) failed to report the accident to the police within 24hrs. The car is now in the garage with a repair bill of £2400! I've decided to pay this for myself because the benefit of going through Insurance would be actually cost me a lot more in the long run aka loosing my claims bonus (4yrs), accident claim against me etc plus initial excess fee which is £750.So the reason I'm posting is to find out if anyone has had any dealings with
? Because I'm now feeling my only chance of seeing any money back is through them.

What I have isCrime Reference number2 witnessesMultiple photos of the accident/sceneQuotationDo you think they we pay me £2400 or anything?


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The Police or DVLA should give you his name and address as you have a legitimate reason for knowing it,

then suggest contact / small claims court

he has to by law give you his Insurance co details, its not optional, then claim against the Insurance co,

you do not have to claim on your policy you can claim direct of his

I've unfortunately done this twice against other drivers

PM for my phone no if i can help

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Hello, hard to call I think looks like you have a lot on your side to win your case which will be a plus easy to say. I would go to court he may not want to lose his NCB either and may just pay you for your repairs.


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Cheers guys

I have a feeling the guy hasn't got Insurance because the car in question was a N plate ford scorpio :(Mark - Thanks for the other. I'll pm you.

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Sorry to hear of this news. There are some absolute bastards out there. I would go along with the assumption that they had no Insurance but this is not a problem. The police should persue this from their side and do them on both counts of leaving the scene and if its true, driving without Insurance. When you have all this information you should also be alowed their address and details and then persue a claim against them through the small claims court. You sound like you have all the correct information so far. It may take time but hopefully you should see some return.

Good luck and remember there are many users here to vent your spleen with should you need to.

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Looks like you have all the best advice there from a number of people who really know how to sort out the situation!!

So my 2 pennies worth would be....If it doesn't all go acording to plan get in touch with your local MP. Before you do raise your eye brows. Surprisingly (if they are a good one!) they can have a lot of unfluence on "the powers that be" as it were.

Hope it gets sorted.

A firing squad really should be a solution is another of my thoughts toooo...

Fingers crossed mate

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be warned re the small claims court

judgement in your favour would be easy but you still need to get the money out of him,

Charging order on his property- if not rented

attachment of earnings order

its not easy

and surprisingly your solicitor may not be able to help

it appears that you cannot add legal fees onto your claim

the courts are trying to get the individual to persue the case, rather than the legal profession

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