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High beam switch not working?


New member
5 May 2003
The high beam switch (which also includes the indicator switch) on my left hand drive 1979 911 SC is not working.

It wont flash or change the beam.

I just thought it would be the relay, so I orderd one which came today but its a different style from the other relays


after looking at the manual (something maybe I should have done first) it seems that there is not a relay for the high beam switch anyway.

So I,m just thinking that the switch itself is worn out.

would you agree or is there something else I could try first before buying another switch


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Sounds like the switch, abt £85 + vat from OPC or try partssource 'at' hotmail.com they are doing them for £63 + vat incl P&P.

You could also consider fitting a relay set to take the load of the dip dim switch, someone on the rennlist was doing them for abt $20.

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They do break after a while if you have the parts readily available a relay sounds like a good idea as it's the heat that causes failure there over time. The old 911 wiring system seems to me to be at the limit of it's capacity as far as the lights are concerned.

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From my humble experience and recent MOT failure (various odds and sods - but they add up) indicator/high beam switch was replaced as worn out. It would 'indicate' but not achieve dip/dim - hope you have sorted yours?

As we have similar age/model 911s - there are many other questions I could roll out...but later.


PS Bones and Richard3 are constant sources of sound info too - thanks!

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It was good to read the article I have exactly the same problem on my 1986 Targa

Looks like a need to buy a new indicator/light switch.

Thanks for the help

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Cheers guys,

not been on this site for a while.

Yes, I did sort it out, bought a new switch from Porsche-a-part

fitted it my self, bit of a nightmare, lying sort of on my back with head under the dash, holding a torch in one hand and tring to follow the wires with the other lol

so many wire....

just took my time and just swaped over one wire at a time, like for like.

This is my first Porsche, will have owned it for a year this comming Feb, but if I can answer your questions I will, no problem :)



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oh, meant to say, the 911 passed its MOT no problem, the guy testing it also commented on how good condition it is in, which puts my mind at so much rest as the way I bought it was, frankly, stupid!

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Good man, relief to get through MOT I guess!! The wiring is chaotic too.

I posted this elsewhere too - see what you think? Had one or two good replies, but your opinion would be valuable. (??Vacuum problem...??)

...having now had service, inc new clutch, MOT(UK) despite all my efforts I cannot understand the self revving symptom - and it does not go away. It will also stall with consumate ease - and although restart, it goes back to what I describe as rough idling but sounds like someone is revving to approx 1000rpm - all very frustarting. Fuel, electric, timing - any pointers would be most welcome.Any advice would be appreciated - I am not able to return to original mechanic - geographical!!!Also it needs driving - not coughing and spluttering outside the house.Many thanks if poss'...Andy

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