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Hi Newbie here....


9 May 2013
Hi folks just thought Id drop by join up and say hi!

Im looking to buy a 964 have always loved the classic shape and now its my time to finally bite the bullet and chase the ideal car.

Ive been polishing my knowledge on them over the last few weeks and thought Id drop by and see what your thoughts are on what appears to be a big price difference on these motors?

I have been looking at this motor for a while;

1990 Porsche 911 964 Convertible - £22,995

Its dont 65k ish miles and is up for 23k and there is another in Jersey identical more or less to this one with 36k on the clock going for 19k

Porsche Carrera Cabriolet (1991) £19,995

I see there is a big difference in prices for these and just wondered what you guys thought?

Im planning on taking a trip to see the top one with my own eyes over the weekend.

Thanks all

Hi Tom,
Welcome along. There are a few resident £ watchers on here (Zingers) who will be along shortly with an in depth breakdown of each car and it's merits,
As for me, if it's not red, don't bother, however I am aware there are more colours available :grin:
Good luck with the hunt...it is a mine field with regards prices at the moment....

I think the cleaver people say, buy cheap then spend plenty.....
or buy expensive and spend little....
Thanks for the reply Chief, I am on the hunt and the first white one looks in good nick and have been in email correspondance with the dealer (he sold it previously also) so watch this space.......interesting times!!
t0m said:
I see there is a big difference in prices for these and just wondered what you guys thought?

I think you may have to pay VAT on the Jersey car :?:

Have fun looking - they are great cars :thumb:

You might not care, but the top one has the later (more desirable) cup/aero mirrors. Non original steering wheel & wheels. Looks in good nick, but crying out for some lowering springs :grin:

Second link not working for me...
Afternoon Chum :thumb: You are looking at the right 911 but a little behind the curve in terms of price rise.

Over the last 12-18 months prices have gone haywire in terms of 964 uplift where the split can be anywhere from £12k - £30k :eek: It comes down to condition and which model you actually want. The one in Jersey is a Tiptronic - are you not fussed?

In terms of desirablility the coupes (C2 then C4) are most sought after. Next the targa and finally the convertible and they are priced accordingly. But then again it comes down to buyer needs.

I would expect the first Yorkshire car to be in excellent condition given it is at the (very) top of the price range for a cab - last year this would have been circa £15k. It has a few additional mods but not sports seats (normal seats are fine). Under arches look very clean which may refelct condition and the price asked.

I'd take it the wheels are solid spoke (if hollow they are worth £2k and the first thing I'd sell to put it back on 17"). No mention of service history or engine work as early 964 engines were prone to oil leaks and normally resulted in a top end rebuild which could occur before 65k but equally go on to 150k without issue. By their website I assume they know what they are selling and unlikely it will be a bag of nails.

You'd need to explore the VAT issue with Jersey and the hassle of trying to get it inspected unless you visit. Equally tiptronic is least popular - nothing wrong with it per se but you need to want one for the right reasons. Car has low mileage on its side but unless cars at this mileage are concours it is less of an issue for 964 owners (not so 993).

Equally I saw a 29k miles 993 Turbo last weekend with bubbling around the windscreen so low mileage is not always a good barometer of condition.

If you want someone to do an independent inspection on the Yorkshire car for a reasonable price drop me a PM

There is a long thread on Rennlist (964 section) listing 964 cars for sale in UK and prices with the odd comments to give you some idea. Equally a lot of seasoned owners post on here and cross pollonate with RL.

My 964 buying experience was somewhat 'unique' :roll:
Just got mine last week , the first thing is don't buy it without getting a ppi as i did !! , i took a risk with a car that was not much money and "may" have to spend 3k to get it right .. , some one has already said you either get one that's already sorted ( MAKE SURE IT IS ) or buy one that you can bring up to scratch your self , just because they are at the higher end of the scale price wise doesn't mean they are great cars ONE NEEDS A SUSPENSION UPGRADE !! AT THAT PRICE "NO WAY" .
My advice is to buy a cheaper car and just go with it , they are normally sound and reliable but what ever it needs you will have the cash to do it and know for sure its been done .
I wouldn't worry to much about mileage as long as its been "very" well serviced , look at this one http://911uk.com/ads_item.php?id=4236 Best of luck with your search they are absolutely brilliant to drive .
Vic -> Doh I forgot about the VAT!

Zingers -> The first one is the one Im erring on and reading on here today I see that used prices have gone through the roof, I quickly asked the guy selling the first one about its service history and he told me it has a full service history I am going to call him tomorrow to get the full low down.

I appreciate the comments about buy cheap and be prepared to spend or pay a premium for a good one. Im more inclined to pay a premium as I did that with a 1990 325i motorsport convertible and spent a small fortune on it only to lose money on the car so this time round I want to get it right.

KP -> Thanks for the link to that blue one but its not my colour, the white looks nice or I think I would like to join the dark grey brigade ha ha

Im going to try and drop up to Yorkshire and view this one the weekend see what I think then.

Thanks guys!

ps I like the friendly nature of this forum some can be a bit awkward!

Doubtful you will lose money if you buy right and be conservative with what you do to restore. Start to go away from 'factory spec' and you narrow the market.

I was prepared to pay £29k for a 120k miles C4 at JZM as it had been completely restored and 'should' provide a few years trouble free motoring but there are no guarantees. Equally I'd not had oversight of the work. However when I'd made my mind up it sold :pc:

I then went a slightly different route and bought one that needed some work but what I paid and what I was prepared to pay at JZM gave me a healthy margin. Plus I had governance and oversight of all the work.

I passed on several £12k-£14k cars that needed work and with what I know now and what can be achieved I could easily have put £5k-£7k into one and still produced a car that would command £20k. Hindsight is great :wack:

Cabs are normally the cheapest but a decent inspection and what will be on the horizon (new suspension etc) should be factored in. Also what does 'full service history' actually mean. I'd bet it hasn't been serviced EVERY year given the low miles, but sometimes the devils in the detail in terms of what bills/invoices are present. Dependent on your intentions you may hold more store on a detailed inspection at the point you buy it.

For comparison here is a C4 Coupe similar mileage and price which compared to a cab, the cab should be around £5k cheaper.

Best of luck :thumb:
Im with you fella, I like the coupe but fussy about interior and extrior colour combinations, I note your comment about service history thats what I want to quiz the guy about tomorrow!

I did ask him why he thinks his car is worth 23k when there are coupes and cabs out there that are cheaper so like you say Id expect this one to be outstanding!! his reply was 'the car is reasonable priced considering you'd be buying it from a porsche specialist this car has been fully inspected by specialists'

Only odd thing is the ad doesnt really sell the car which is a big let down I think but we'll see.

I might slam 19k on the table take it or leave it and walk away if he wants the cash he'll chase me out the door as its been for sale for a while now!
Just my thoughts, no disrespect to a lovely car but I think if you spent 23k on it I think you would struggle to get that back if you decided to sell :?:


Looking about as I have for the last few weeks it looks a good example but I also think they have it over priced and buyers market and all that if he dont want to talk business then its not for me and i'll find another one will just take my time ;-)
It is a lovely looking car though!

JZM can sell quality well presented 964s all day at £20k+ but that takes account their mark up. The market is strong and £23k is top money for a cab so I think sub £20K as an offer is not a bad place to start as it sounds like you want a cab and nothing else :thumb:

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