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Hi everyone, newbie has oil question

Jon Wright

New member
11 Feb 2007
Hi All,

I've been lurking on the forum for a few weeks now, and just bought my first porsche. :D
Against virtually everyone's advice I went for a 1984 Targa in black. Yes I know I know, a Targa and yes its leaking a little at the moment, but thats mainly because the roof frame is cracked (just bought another of ebay). But I took her out for her first spin without the roof on last week and god was I loving it! I don't think I could live without a Targa after that, its just fab being able to pop the roof off when the sun is out. I also happen to be lucky enough to live in a small town near St. Ives in Cornwall so the views are breathtaking in the sunshine.

Anyhow on to my question, looking at the history its not had an oil change for a while so figured i'd better crack on and do it. Does anyone here use 15w40? or is everyone 20w50? I'm asking because there seems to be a big price difference, locally I can get 5 litres of Castrol GTX 15w40 for about £17 but 20w50 is a lot more. Oh and I should add the car currently isn't leaking a single drop of oil, I guess I should expect leaks if I go for 15w40?




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stick with what works, asssuming that is the correct spec for your car

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Hello Jon.........and welcome to the mad house!.......Nice choice of car by the way, there are a number of us dedicated Targa owners on the site!! :lol:

With regards to your oil question.......Most reputable 'Indies' seem to recommend semi or fully synthetic oils of 10w 40 for the 3.2 vintage. That is what is in my Carrera currently!!

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Hello Jon,

I am using a 10-40 in my sc and have been looking at best grade, price etc.

I received the following advice from Opie oils on grades:-
That a 10w-40 semi is really a cost option these days & the
quality choice would be for a 5w-40 full synthetic for all year round use.

Take your pick and pay your money, no gurantee about leakage issue using lighter grades.

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My indie recommends a 10-40, and I ZJM use Castrol Magnatec, so that's what I go with. Was told that the fully synthetics are too thin.

At the end of the day though, unless your doing a high mileage or tracking a lot, I can't see the point in putting the most expensive up to date technology oil in. Esecially if its going to be swapped out every year after 5K miles.

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