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Here's an idea - feedback please


Staff member
15 May 2002
With a view to getting members more involved in the forum (we have more than 3,800 now!), I propose mailing out a kind of topic summary on a frequent basis. This would be something along the lines of:

Last week in the 911uk forum...

AdrianC described how an aquaintance had gambled £52K on "nice" 996 only to find that things weren't quite as they seemed... [for full thread click here]

Over in the the non-Porsche area, Olivia goes all girly and takes a fancy to the SL500.. [for full thread click here]

and so on...............

Anyway, you get the idea (correct, I'm no journalist!!)

1) Is this a good idea?

2) How frequently should this be sent out, without upsetting people?

3) Does anyone want to volunteer to do this job (no money involved here, but I might throw in a T-Shirt!)

Cheers guys (and Olivia)

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well if I got that once a week it wouldn't upset me , considering every day I get spam telling me I need a loan , bigger implants and a harder erection!!

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No problem with me!

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Seems like a good idea to me. Agree with Bones, with all the junk coming in every day how can someone object to this once a week?


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The thing is...those of us that are genuinely interested come to this site without promptimg or reminders anyway.

I certainly dont mind receiving an email like you suggest but I wonder really how effective it would be in getting the less active members more active?

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I think it's a good idea, I'll help out with it if you want.

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Have to agree with Sutchy - there is a risk that some people will get frustrated. When I have time or remember to, I'd come to the site and have a look anyway. I guess it all depends how it 'looks' - mnaybe a trial version to see what people think.

Bones - any chance you forward me that stuff about a harder erection. Eeer, I have a friend, who, er, well, you know :oops:

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Indeed - but was that before or after the 'harder erection'???

Incidentally, just got the latest edition of 911 and Porsche World, and my letter I sent them didn;t get printed - which was assumed as verbatim, given it was commenting on the bias editorial of the previous issue. Many of you may not have seen it, but it was about the Cayenne, and was way OTT - in opinion anyway, although many of you will disagree....?

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Should be working but I totally agree with you about the editorial . I think we just have to accept the Cayenne as a 'cash cow' technical masterpiece it may be but it is certainly not a work of automotive art . The thing that really irks me is that the Cayenne represents the new management philosophy over at Porsche (still without a race programme at full prototype or GT class) . Everything that could have come together from years of imaginative and inspired engineering expertise to create an innovative 21st century 4x4 has dissapeared in the bland truck that sits along side the bland stock 996 as the best Stuttgart can currently offer . I can't wait for the launch of the CGT .
If you don't currently get spam I'm sure you soon will .

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Spam sucks, I don't want a mortgage, loan, diet, porn etc.

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Wait until you're 30, you'll want ALL of those things!

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Lol yeah. Anyway back to the original topic...is it gonna happen?

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