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Help with suspension choices please

Will G-J

8 Jun 2006
Hey guys,

Thinking of having my suspension changed. Tired of the 4x4 ride height and the pics of me on my ear at track days. but the options are baffling!

Bilstein, coilovers, KW, koni, sway bars, mono balls, struts, springs, H+R, lowering springs - Arghhh My ears are bleedng :?

What I want is a lower ride height, sharper turn in, a little less understeer and a slightly firmer ride but to keep my own teeth.

I don't want it set u for track where i only use half my tyres on the road - after all this is still my daily driver.

9m have given me two options to think about:

KW coilover suspension kit £1212+vatBilstein shock absorbers with lowering springs £895+vat

Anything else I should look at?

Pls help!


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No idea mate - but the cheaper one's look like a good price. Is that including fitting?

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don't think so - that's just the kit. Not sure how much labour is involved. think the cheap one works out about £1500

JZM will fit H+R coilovers for just over 2k +Vat

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H&R lowering springs - around £200.

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I'd go for the billies and lowering springs.

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steday fella!


is always a good place to check out options, now you'll a bit limited

essentially you need a new set of shock, spring and anti roll bars (option), which would also mean changing the wishbones at the same time as they are probably worn

now remind me you have a 4wd ?

when fitted a garage can put on a 'set up' which is very worth while but to compliment the pckage the right parts including upgraded i.e. thick anti-roll bars (aka Sway Bars) are needed

what are the options at tech9 etc ?

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in terms of the brands you mention

Bilstein, KW, koni, H+R,

they are all good with H&R and KW being the premium choice and cost

so Bilstein are very recommended as well for the 911, best value choice when you consider all the parts required, never been so keen on Koni myself

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Will if track driving is not the priority then there's little gain in going for the super expensive ones. The Bilsteine ones are the popular choice, and will last longer than the stock shocks.

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just got off the phone with Rob from 9m and he seems to be of a similar opinion.

That I won't benefit from the extra money spent as i'm unlikely to make use of the adjustability offered by the expensive ones.

They've agreed to price match the £700 odd price tag I found the same kit for on type 911 as well as fit braided brake hoses, better brake fluid (dot something or other) and a front strut brace.

Added to the fact that they've been really good with my car so far and I have plenty of confidence in them and I'm actually in credit with them at the moment! (bonus) i think that's what i'll go for.

Looking forward to it!


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a front brace is a must, as it sharpens up the front end feel

Brake fluid, OEM Porsche spec Dot 4 is ok but Dot 5.1 (not 5) is the next step which which is a brake upgrade in itself as OEM brakes are fine

Braided hoses dont work on the 911, unless it's 964 specific

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Billies and H&R springs were always a good/popular option on the 993. I suspect similar results on the 964.

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cheers guys, will let you know how it goes

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