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Help- Steering rack


New member
9 Jul 2013
Morning all.

Bit of a long shot, does anyone have a spare 993 steering rack unit that they would be willing to part with? Exchange units seem non existent with suppliers at the moment.

Long story, my car has been out of action for about 18 months with an ongoing saga...current unit has been refurbished twice and has continued to leak immediately after. This has been outsourced by the OPC to a 3rd party but won't confirm who has done the work.

My car is on around 87k miles, is this a common issue? Has anyone had successful dealings with any particular refurbisher?

Many thanks.

I did mine about 5 years ago in February 2016. I took it off and sent the rack to Kiley Clinton in Birmingham. (No affiliation)(www.kileyclinton.com) they did a great job and really good people to talk to. I would think that if you told them what had happened with OPC they would give you some good advice. Kiley Clinton did my second rack re-seal at 98000 Kms after the first re-seal I had done in Q8 at 54000 Kms. They seem to last about 50000 Kms or 30000 miles based on my experience. The cost by the way was £198.00 including VAT. Shipping back to Spain was of course extra at £21.20.

If you need any other info just let me know.

You can check out my 2016 post here:


Good luck :thumb:

ATB :)


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Just did a quick search and found the Porsche Shop offering an exchange unit.

ATB :)


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Northways use a firm in Bristol I believe. You could of course deal direct with them. They seem to be good. HOWEVER, do ensure that you do not have the power steering reservoir over-filled as I believe that was my problem with a leaking rack last time around.
LSDFJ00 said:
Northways use a firm in Bristol I believe. You could of course deal direct with them.
:yes:- Western Power Steering. It seems a lot of Indys send their units there for exchange/refurb:


Dealing direct could be worth it, I seem to recall being charged a premium by my then :bye: indy for him outsourcing the work to Western! :what:
Thanks all, much appreciate all the responses, glad to hear the recommendations :thumbs:

Great write up on the removal decgraham :worship:, maybe one for me to consider as a DIY option if I don't get anywhere.

I've had a few discussions with a local indy who's been super helpful on the phone and that's my next port of call. I won't go into the details of my OPC saga quite yet...essentially they want an exchange unit to avoid the 993 blocking a workshop space for 1+ weeks :roll:

BTW, thanks for the tip on Porscheshop, I did have an order placed with them but had no response from email and phone line does not work...they did refund me quickly though when asked. Design911 offer similar and were helpful but have no core exchange units available at the moment.
I've also had a nightmare with my steering rack over the years. Northway couldn't get it right after numerous returns and so I went direct to Western Power Steering. It started leaking again after a year or so but they resolved it under warranty. Now been ok for a few years. Not sure why these racks seem to be so bloody difficult to repair.
My only advice is to speak with Center Gravity. They sent mine away for refurb when I had my full suspension refresh about 4 years ago and zero issues since.
I'm sure they'll advise who they use. :thumb:


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